Cat In a Pointy Hat



Is it being slowly eaten by the hat or the shirt?!? Either way, it’s adorable.


The amount of cute power this shirt holds is terrifying.


I see a cute cat in a hat!



And if #8 comes true, I’ll be rich!!! Just make sure that next time I order catshirts, you don’t mistakenly send a cat and shirts. :tongue:


I see a squirrel under a road cone. Still cute though.


Purrfect timing! I just finished animating this image. BEHOLD THE CUTENESS!

Thanks woot!


I’ll be levelling up once this woot.shirt arrives!

@DianaSprinkle - give a shout if you see me around town sporting your design!


my kids are in a heated debate that must be settled:

Is the red spot on the face a tongue or a nose?


Who do I need to beg or what do I need to sacrifice to the Elder Gods to get this as a hoodie?

I’m currently wearing the cat with pumpkin hoodie from last year.


Tongue :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is how I see it:


I remember a similar discussion a long time ago on another shirt. Wonder if it was a DianaSprinkle shirt too?


The kitty looks like a brew of feline and Tribble! Cute and evil…must have.


LOLOLOLOL, this is accurate. The little red part is kitty’s tongue. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, that was the Great Nose/Tongue discussion of October 2014 on the shirt Meeooween, otherwise know as Pumpkin Cat, The Divider.




This shirt looks… ::turn to camera:: … familiar.

Get it? Like a witch’s familiar, and with the same cat? Ehhhh. :stuck_out_tongue:


Give me a “hey-de-ho” when you see me sporting your shirt in ATX!


Such cuteness much awwws.