Cat Nouveau

A new definition of black Irish. Beautiful.

Eerily similar to this shirt.

Love! But, I am a chick…

I love the contrast between artistic styles to illustrate good vs. bad luck charms! Excellent work!

Awww, congrats Diana. Your cats are fantastic.

I like the clever use of the clovers as a border. Well done Dianasprinkle.

As a black cat owner who’s cat was born on St paddy’s day, great shirt!

As someone who had vowed to take a break from Woot! purchases after the just-over Woot-off, I am hereby eating my words. Yum, yum. This is awfully close to The Perfect Shirt.

Woooo, yay! I’m so excited! I was really expecting a different shirt to be be here instead of my kitty. But no its my bad luck good luck kitty. YAY! I’m so happy, thanks so much voters.

I’m British, when I was a kid black cats were regarded as good luck. Good luck cards often had black cats and clovers on them. So to me, they’re always lucky.

Beautiful shirt by the way! In for one, especially since a. black cats are my favourite animal, and b. I was born on St Patrick’s Day.

Edited to add; I am not, in fact, bunnymasseuse’s cat. Now get in the kitchen and open a can.

I really like this one, Diana. I think my only beef with it would be the tail, but I love the way the clover seem to pop out at you.

Congrats on 1st place DianaSprinkle! And yay to black cats being GOOD luck. Because black cats are awesome!:smiley:

Classy and well illustrated. Great job.

Sure, in the same way that Cheez Whiz and french brie are basically the same thing too maybe.

I kinda like the super long tail, it’s mysterious.

Woo hoo! Congrats! Such a nicely done design… :slight_smile:

Yes, except not at all.

I, too, swore off shirt buying. I just bought a green t-shirt today at another place (local), so what do I need another shirt for? Cause it’s beautiful & I voted for it & I must own it.

Then I went over to kickstarter & contributed so I can now own her book. Can’t have enough cats.

Congratulations, DianaSprinkle! This is very well done and reminds me of the Chat Noir ads of which I am very fond. :slight_smile: