Cat S50c Rugged Waterproof Smartphone for Verizon

This is a Verizon carrier unlocked phone, so you can own it and have no contract required, for under $100!! Amazing offer, and it’s rugged, shatter-resistant and waterproof. Great deal!

Yeah but too bad it’s tethered to Verizon.

Specifications don’t show a GPS sensor. So this would not work as a non-active navigation unit?

From the specs:


These phones are garbage. Go read review, will never buy one of these again. Besides, these phones are old tech. $99 is asking too much for 2010 technology.

Great deal how? Have you used these phones? They’re junk, poor performance and price is too high for old technology.

No, it will not. Uses satellite, and even the models with GPS require service to use.

Will this device can work with in Florida with StraighhtTalk? they uses Verizon towers

It would be best to confirm with StraightTalk before purchasing.