CAT S60 Waterproof Smartphone (GSM Only)

CAT S60 Waterproof Smartphone (GSM Only)

Not exactly the same phone (This is an S60, he has an S61) but Bigclive goes over a bunch of the features in this video:

What operating system does this phone use, and is it compatible with phone recording apps?

Google has decided that they are the moral compass for all customers, and as of Android Pie they have disabled all call recording apps. It does not matter to them that some people need it for business.

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According to Cat’s website, 6,0 marshmallow. The newer s61 has Oreo.
As to recording, I dunno.

Here’s another review:

It seems like exactly what you’d expect from a phone from a heavy equipment company.

I’ve thought about this before but the 22% 1 and 2 star reviews make me hesitate.

this is an s60 he has an s60? huh???

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There are a bunch of call recorder apps in the google store

If you look at the video title it’s a review for the s61, so it was a typo.

Wait, Google doesn’t “believe” you should record your phone calls (which btw I had no idea there were apps for … duh), but they record everything people do? Am, I missing something?


6.0 Marshmallow OS good luck with that it was released in 2015 if you can’t update and I doubt if you can you might as well junk it.

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