Cat Signal Long-Sleeve Tee

OK, who called for all the cat shirts? Not that I’m complaining. At least this one isn’t baby blue.

Cats have taken over the lunchroom

It seems like Woot is trying to be Reddit with all of these cat shirts…

Yay catshirts!


Needs to be on a shirt ; )

Love this! And, yes it needs to be on a shirt!

Cats and comics yay!

One of these days, I’m going to have to count up how many cat shirts I have. Woot, Threadless, DBH, GoodJoe, TeeTurtle …

(what kind of dog owner am I?!)

LOL, you’ve no doubt got more than I do, but I would love to know how many you do have!

I think between Woot, TeeTurtle, cons, sorority,and other clubs, I have somewhere around 35 (plus a few hoodies)