Cat Signal

Oh yeah! I used some cat like reflexes to get this shirt!

Oh hey, lookie here. It’s a new site!

Lol, who woulda thought, the way to defeat cat woman is with a lazer light.

The Internet has spoken. It’s all cat tees from here on out. Say hello to Catshirts.Woot.

the day shirt.woot officially died has come.

Kitties!!! (that’s !!! not ! because, come on, kitties.)

Can we get that on a shirt, with the appropriate used as a scratching post damage on the “!” ; )

Also, fun shirt, but the laser does look a bit like alien invasion so I hope our hero had the good kibble for lunch.

I have a ‘Batcat’ shirt from The Oatmeal so I HAD to get this.

baybei is going to be First Sucker on every shirt! :slight_smile:

(Baybei is First Sucker on just about cat shirt ever, including today’s and Tomorrow the World!, the only cat shirt currently in the Reckoning. If you go back further, she’s nearly always first on cat shirts. It’s a seriously impressive record.)

Mrow mrow mrow mrow
mrow mrow mrow mrow
Mrow mrow mrow mrow
mrow mrow mrow mrow



Very cute shirt!

If that were my cat, she’d be fine wearing the cape but she’d be chasing the laser beam where it hit the ground instead of looking up lol

“I don’t understand it! We’ve turned on the Cat Signal for four hours and Catman hasn’t shown up yet!”

Please can someone put an end to the cat shirts for awhile. Have mercy on us.

Well, thanks! I try, I try. It’s seriously because I have a cat addiction. I’ve been told by a friend who runs a cat rescue, that I am a crazy cat lady. I only have three that own me, but I want them all!!! Well, not really, but I’d like a few more, however the current living situation doesn’t allow that :frowning: Then again, it’s probably for the best, I’d rather own 50 cat shirts than 50 cats! Much less clean up in the end! LOL

Seeing as I have a cat named Batman, this was pretty much and instabuy for me.

Is that worse than

Seriously, I haven’t seen a wootshirt worth my attention in about a year. This one is OK. Not a buy, though.

Why so bad?

It looks like the signal is just a beam of light. It seems to me that the artist might have made a cat head out of it, or perhaps a fish to entice catman :slight_smile:

We all have different tastes. Many people seem to like this shirt. With the wide range of topics and art styles, I’m rather surprised that not one of the last 365 shirts have been to your liking. However, even if that is the case, isn’t it going rather far to say that they are all “bad”?

HALLLOOO! :smiley:

I’m the artist!
The beam of light is a laserpointer.
It’s a joke. Because cats love laser pointers :smiley:

Except for my cats. I think they are aliens. They couldn’t care less about any kind of beam of light…laser pointer, flash light…they just look at me and you can see it in their eyes…they are saying “Stupid human…”