Cat Stuffs

Oh yeah? Mr. Wootykins told me that those Pill Pockets weren’t fooling him for a second!

I have the catitude tower purchased from one of the local pet supply houses about a year ago. It’s held up quite well despite having five cats in the house.

I will note that some assembly is required for these- the instructions are pretty straightforward and it comes with the tools you’ll need. (allen keys)

Yay! Lots of pictures of kitties!

Thank you so much for your input!! I had it in my cart and couldn’t decide whether to buy it or not. I’ve got a 9 year old female and a 10 month old male and the little guy has shredded my couch and has fallen down two flights of stairs because he was hanging over the railing like a doofus and slipped. Hopefully this will give them something to play with together/scratch/get off the floor without being dangerous

My kitty loves Greenies! I’m hoping these will help with her hairballs.

She’s not a fan of the stuff I put on her paws that she’s gotta lick off. But it works wonders! Hopefully this will be as effective.

Ok Mr. Wootykins should become Monty’s pet and or coworker.

Holy crap! I have one of those stainless steel litter scoops hanging in my kitchen. I shit you not.

How big is the top? The cat in the picture, doesn’t look like it has a lot of room.

It’s beyond me why these things are usually so expensive. Thanks for the great shopping opportunity, woot!

After setting up a wooden ladder for some work, we found the cats racing up and down it, sitting on the top etc.

I’s now attached to the wall so it can’t fall over and doesn’t look so bad. Good exercise for kitties who do not ever go outside.

those cats pictured are so tiny! my cat is huge! not so fat, just a big ol cat. i dont think he could use any of the beds or enclosures.

At $4.99/45-ct. bag with free add-on shipping, the Greenies are cheaper on Amazon. So not really a deal, after all. I’m still getting them cheaper with a third-party Amazon seller.

This combined with the frigid reception for their new bed may mean that my cats no longer want their wares purchased on Woot.

Whatever you pay for Greenies, they’re worth it if you love your cat! Our cats went bonkers the first time I put Greenies in the pantry. Even the stupid cat figured out how to open the door, pull out the package and destroy it so he could chow down. Warning: put these in a container cats can’t open!

The perch is actually pretty awesome. I have one of this brand, and I’ve never had any problems with it. The cats absolutely love it. It’s built sturdy, too - the legs that press against the wall are metal, but have a vinyl sleeve where it contacts the wall to prevent damage to the paint/wood/whatever your wall is coated with.

The only recommendation for improvement is that the velcro that fastens it to the window sill has a tendency to slowly slide off with the repeated weight of the kitty. I solved this by driving a couple flat-head thumbtacks into the window sill. Haven’t had any problems since.

I’m in for two more. :slight_smile:

Finally a foray into feline fancy and fun! A purrrfectly palatial plethora of pampered puddytat placations; a columnar cat-alog of creature comforts catering to our carnivorous kitties!

I LOVE writing this stuff! Yet will Woot! even notice? … but enough about me!

Let there be …
Beds for bored & tired cats!
Toys for tom & queen cats!
Towers for queen & tom cats!
Let there be …
Christmas for crazy cat ladies!
Treats for Tiger!
Mats for Max!
A perch for Princess!
A scoop for poop …
…just sayin’ …
Bites for Bitsy!Hideaways for Herman!Greenies for Grover! Scratchers for Claude Cheek!

Thank you, Woot! for “cat stuffs” & affordable prices: Got towers for my rescued Grand Tuxedo tomcat. He’s gonna love 'em! A large breed, he’s a (muscular not fat) 22 pound particularly handsome example of God’s work!

Some good prices here. Well, except for THIRTEEN DOLLARS for a corrugated cardboard scratcher. While I’ll vouch that cats LOVE them, they’re only eight bucks at PetsMart, or ten bucks for a double-wide.

13lb capacity. Alas, my cat if too fat…LOL

Where was this sale back in February when I adopted two little kitties and spent hundreds of dollars on all this stuff?!?

Is anyone elses shipping taking forever on this? Mine has said initiated on Fedex since the 29th