Cat Trees and Pet Beds

We bought this cat tree several months ago. It’s a hit with our cats. It was easy to put together. Our cats are pretty rambunctious, so they’ve worked the platforms that are supported by a single post loose. (Imagine a 12 pound rocket striking the platform at top speed.) We just keep the allen wrench handy.

This item’s quality is far beyond what I expected for the price.

It is tall. Check your ceiling height to be sure there will be enough room for your cats to actually use the top platform.

We bought the 78" tall tree.

I’ve had the 74" cat tree condo for about 5 years now and with 5 cats it’s held up really well. There’s some wear and tear though but that’s expected. The frame is very solid and the product is well made. I’m considering replacing only because the rope has had it from all the clawing it’s received.

Don’t buy !!!
Armarkat does NOT stand behind their product and there is no recourse!
I’m physically handicapped so I buy on line a lot, including thousands of dollars through WOOT!. I bought the “Armarkat A5801 58” Cat Tree" ( on May 1. One of the long posts(designated “Q”) is improperly threaded. Informed WOOT! and Armarkat of the problem. Ask for a simple replacement of one cheap post. STILL WAITING for a replacement post. Lots of excuses, no real help ! This thing sits in my livingroom useless.

I had the same issue and Woot issued me a refund of $20 to compensate for the $16 fee Amarkat charges for the replacement part on their website. It only took me a couple days to get it straightened out.

I own the 57" tree, bought it on the mothersite for about the same price 1.5 years ago. My heaviest cat (13-14lbs) broke the top post off of the little square house in a rambunctious maneuver late at night. The house is made of thin particle board so as you can imagine, it was not the sturdiest material to hold a hole post and platform up with a single bolt and no reinforcements.

Another gripe I have with the texture of the platforms is that cat hair just stays completely matted to it. If you run a vacuum over it, it barely picks up anything after a while. So either you need to vacuum it regularly, or be prepared to have a cat tree the color of your cats.

Those aside, the cats LOVE this thing. One of the sisal posts is already torn through with ropes split off. Right now, we’re using the broken off post as another scratching post upside-down. Over the course of time I’d say it’s worth the buy. You can also purchase replacement parts which is nice, but expensive.

We’ve had the tree only since the last time it was on Woot - maybe a couple of months ago? We got the 53" model, and so far no real issues - except one.

A word of caution: Whatever the product uses as ‘carpeting’ can come off if you’ve got active cats who play on it. Our little girl, Ella, is a Manx cat who’s three years old, and she’s torn off three different dollar-coin size chunks/patches of the fur or fleece carpeting on the outside of the “house” unit’s entryway.

The sisal posts get used, sure, but she’s actively playing when these pieces get torn off. There are no signs that any of it has been ingested. So I have left it as is, and pay close attention to the damage as it occurs.

the mark up on these seems to be very high. and yes woots prices are better than amazons.

just seems like something I can do for a lot cheaper.

The one received was not the one pictured…

I’m sorry for the problem. Please email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.