Cat Trees

Anyone that is contemplating one of these, they are great. I bought one a few months ago off woot and the little furballs love it. Easy assembly. Compared to ones in the store, I think you get more for your money with these. Just my 2 cents.

To those with the finicky cat that will search out carpet to destroy but has no interest in any other type of material, this might not be a saving grace you would hope it to be.

Sure, it’s a cat condo.

Sure, it has plenty of places for your feline pet to crawl in to, roll in to a ball and sleep, and just any sort of fun feline thing.

Sure, it’s probably the most bang-for-your-buck brand.

My cat didn’t care. My cat only likes the true carpet-wrapped cat condos and/or furniture. These use a faux-fur material wrap on the wood and she just had no interest and immediately went back to tearing up my staircase until I bought a slightly more expensive brand (also here on Woot) that used real carpeting material.

For most cats this should be purrfect. For mine, the picky one that she is, it wasn’t helpful – though the friend’s cats that got the free hand-me-down loved it.

FWIW: I’ve found that a few squirts of catnip spray got my cats immediately interested in scratching posts, cat trees, etc.