Cat vs Dog

Hey you wooters out there, today were going to vote on what pet is better! Cats… or Dogs! Oh and also tell why, you never know who needs information like this.

humans. there meat is so much sweeter.

Cats, because you can make the pussy jokes.

But with dogs, you can make the jokes about the bitches.

Looks like a dead heat.

lol i was going to ask what the neon angry mole joke is but i think that shirt.woot makes it so you cant see words like that?

dogs. cats are smarter than we are, anyway.

i live in a house full of both. they all shed and poop. they’re all affectionate and stupid. we live in a wonderful, messy coexistence.

r u talking about cats and dogs or men and women?

now i have no idea.

You live in my old fraternity house?

dogs. allergic to cats.

Um…do I really need to spell it out? Everone knows my preference.

True, but guinea pigs weren’t an option!! :tongue:

I know you were just kidding, but…Gots me one of them too. 2 rabbits and 5 hermit crabs

You have crabs?!?!?!? <snerk> (hadda say it!!)

Cats for me & my husband. Neither of us like dogs.

Dogs want to serve and please you; cats want you to serve them.