Catastrophic Experiment

Exploding Kittens?

I can haz boom-boom?

KaBoom with the science of cuteness, Walmazan being a master thereof. It does look very educational for Mr. Science Cat. I have one who does gravity experiments. Dessert plates in his vicinity would hit the ground…the first few times we thought it was an accident, but now he eats off paper plates.

My absolute favorite Walmazan shirt to date.

Hilarious design, and great reinforcer to one of my most favorite Randyotter shirts: '“Science…,a poor career choice for cats.”

And now, less CATastrophe, moar science:

This seems like a perfect design for a coffee mug. hint-hint.

My thoughts exactly.

…and n the unseen fourth panel, he returns to his normal form as Mr. Peabody.

Science Cat FTW!

Is the American Apparel experiment over with? Seems like the stock keeps dwindling down.

It’s not an experiment, it’s back for good. We’re just having a hard time not selling out right now. Check back for your size if it’s currently unavailable.

I feel like Men’s 3XL has been out of stock every time I’ve wanted to buy a shirt. I haven’t seen it back in stock since my initial rush to replace all the awful-fitting standard shirts I’d recently bought.

But I want to order it today, and it doesn’t look like it will be available. I know that it will go to the top 20, but why should I have to pay $3 more per shirt just because woot can’t keep adequate stock on hand? Why can’t I order it now, and it can go on backorder so that when you do get more stock in, you can print it and send it. It’s frustrating. I wanted to get two of this shirt, and I have another shirt in my cart that I was going to buy (trying to wait until I had another shirt to buy to cut down on shipping costs), so congrats woot, you’re missing out on selling me 3 shirts.

It’s a very good point that I don’t have a good answer to. When you see it come back in stock (which, I’m sorry, I don’t have an ETA for)- PM me and I can see what I can do about the price difference. Unfortunately, we don’t have any solid procedure in place, but this is an issue we’ve brought up while we’re still having spotty stocking issues. I’m hoping the final answer is just being able to keep everything well stocked :frowning:

Thank you for offering to do this for me. I really appreciate you working with me on this.