Catching Them All

I have more than a few friends that this shirt would be appropriate for :slight_smile:

Great job!

Other Bumper sticker ideas:

“I Brake for Eevee’s”

A stick figure family with all 151 silhouettes.

“Pokemon Master on Board”

Timely fun

Wow, tanks only go up to XL, that’s a bummer.

Fun idea… horrible execution. The spacing between letters, as well as the size of the letters, does not look consistent. The letters in “Cardio” look way too close together, while “MY” looks like it is a font size too big.

I might have been in for one if the artist used a better font.

Funny you should mention that because I was a typesetter for years and have a very sensitive eye with regard to kerning and the presentation of type. I just could not pull the trigger on this shirt because the lettering to me looks awful. The space between the T and the C in the word Catching, between the T and the H in Them, the word My and all the space around the C, A and R in Cardio look really off in a not good way. It reminds me of the old days when you had both a cartridge and a piece of film for a font. If you put the correct film in but forgot to change the cartridge (which was specific to each font) you got all kinds of weird looking spacing and stuff in the print.

Great idea, but I agree with the poor execution.

Why do I need to catch them all?

This seems stolen from Revive.

Crap, was about to pull the trigger on this one. Now I can’t unsee x.x

I’d agree, though I’ve seen the heart with the cardio line used in various different ways on different products. As for coloring and such, well, it’s pokemon >.> I’d be surprised if another set of colors or color divide were used.

It seems to me that the artist simply wanted to emphasize the word “MY” as in "Catching them all is MY Cardio.

I just looked at your link. If this is your idea of “stolen”, then over half of the shirts on Woot have “stolen” ideas on them.Even if this artist did happen to get this idea from the skateboard you are referring to, (I’m not convinced) it would be considered parody, imo.

Kellabell, I originally popped in here to congratulate you on this print, and I want to do so now! :slight_smile:

(Seems like many people who saw this design got up on the wrong side of the bed today… lol)

As for me, I got up on the sleepy side of it.

This game oddly is the motivation I need to wake up early and go running before work. Which I did today; caught myself an Onix.

I just started my cardio routine last Tuesday, can you make it 5xl? I’m more of a Snorlax than a Hitmonlee.

Thank you all for the comments & constructive criticism, & high five to Inatangle for being an awesome person :wink: You made my day!

This is a great design and so true to form as of late.

I wish shirt.woot sold more tanks on a regular basis. I’m more of a sleeveless kind of person, what with the Florida weather being what it is and all. -_-

I ordered a tank and the placement of the graphic on it was strange - too low and too large. Possibly placed because it was a unisex tank, but disappointed as it starts below the bustline for women.

I’m sorry you were disappointed. I’ll pass this feedback along to our Shirt Team.

This would be great in tech fabric. No cotton in the Florida summer :slight_smile: