Categories on the mobile app

I can’t seem to get my app to show more than 25 items in a category, is it just me? Am I flawed somehow? :grimacing:

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Wow, I remember when 1 category (none) and 1 item was enough.

And we were darn glad to have that.

We used to go down to the drug store to sit at the counter and get a sarsaparilla. Everybody could buy a car in any color they wanted, as long as it was black. Harrumph.

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That’s nothing.

If WE wanted a drug store, we had to grow trees to be able to build the drug stores OURSELVES!

Yea Yea… and my dad had to walk 2 miles to school in 6 feet of snow.

Then home for lunch and back to school again. When he was 8. In sub zero temps.

Just pointing out a possible app oversight. :slight_smile:

We had to create the snow ourselves before we could walk in it.

And no, we couldn’t simply just not put snow everywhere.

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You had trees?

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Only if we grew them.

They came as a result of an accident.

a great MP sketch, perfectly fits here

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With regards to this? No.

(Do not infer anything from this statement though.)

I thought about that sketch, I couldn’t remember where I saw it. ; )

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Oh I well know.

One of my many flaws is this addiction to Woot, even to the point of laying in bed perusing the deals, getting irritated that I can’t see all of them! :rofl:

go on…

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pass … lol

I am currently having the same problem. I can only see a few deals from each category

Eeep! Let me wake up someone. Thank you!

PS: I’m seeing it on iOS only. Could y’all give me this info:

OS & Version
App Version (in More & then About)

iPhone XS, IOS 12.4.1
Woot App 4.2.3

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iPhone 8 iOS-13.1.2

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Ok, it’s fixed now. You need to force an update to the current version. To do this, close the app twice.

On iOS, that means double-tapping the home button so you see all the apps in memory.

Then swipe up on the Woot app to remove it from memory.

Do this twice.

Yep, works now, thanks!

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