Categories vs Tags


I’m trying to wrap my brain around the different things listed in the Preferences -> Notifications area. So we can automatically Watch/Track new topics in specific Categories and Tags, but what are those exactly?

I’m assuming that the Categories are the big 5 listed on the main forum page:

  1. Deal Chatter
  2. Shenanigans
  3. Artist Central
  4. Everything But Woot
  5. Mortimer & Monty’s Info Desk

But what about the tags? Are those the subs under each category? (Boxed in Red)

If so, are there more tags than what is listed? Can additional tags be created? Can users create tags?

Really, I want a Tag for DICE GAME or something where all the contests go so that I can find them first to win we can find them easily.


Looking again, it looks like “Shirt Derby” is a category as well.

So what are tags?


Categories are the big 5 that you see on the main page and the sub-categories you see within each one.

The tags are show on each thread when assigned: