Any given day.

Somebody better get this cat its coffee. Stat.

Coffee is really just herbal tea.


OMG a shirt that’s not grey!!! Yay!! and I could use a coffee shirt, with a cat. Can’t beat that.

Reminds me of Simon’s Cat demanding to be fed. Come to think of it, this shirt reminds me of all cats.

This red shirt will not survive if the cat is not caffeinated.

This is really cute Wences, congrats!

Has anyone ever given their cat coffee? I’m curious how they would react.

I have one who likes the smell but we’ve never let him try it.

And fun shirt. Convincing.

Has the potential to kill them. Don’t really recommend it.

My cat loves coffee. I don’t usually let him have it, but sometimes he manages to sneak up to some leftovers.

wish I drank coffee, it’s soooooo cute :sun_with_face:

This needs to be printed on a coffee mug, pronto! Great design - congrats!

Stop the cat shirts Right Meow!!!

This is how I’m looking at this shirt.

Grats Wences- :wink: Love this one. If I didn’t buy your shirt last week it would probably be an instabuy… That ain’t too bad I guess.

OH YES! I want one on a mug!

I agree. I’d much rather it said ‘caffeine’ instead of ‘coffee’. Or tea. It is rather adorbs otherwise!

Holy CARP!!! Another cat t-shirt?** REALLY?!?!? ** Please, someone, anything but another f**king cat T!!!