congrats wences!!!

Cutest cattitude shirt ever. A must have.

I am bummed that this got switched from the cranberry background it was on in the derby. I look awful in red.

Put this on a coffee mug and I might buy it.

Love it :slight_smile: I only wish I drank Coffee. I like the Red, too!

Love it, but hard to justify another cat and/or coffee shirt from woot since I have so many already. This shirt makes me wish woot offered sleepshirts…

hahaha great gif!

Cats are pretty moody, you could be onto something here. Coffee for cats. Maybe a nice catnip blend.

Yikes, seeing that red in the mirror is enough to wake me up. I wish it was in brown.

Love the image though! Would get the coffee mug as well.

Also wish this were in cranberry, but instabuy anyway. My first new woot shirt in probably a year or two? :open_mouth:

Re: CAT *FIEND!, I mean c’mon. How’d you miss that pun?

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I’m not sure about cats, but I had a pet rat that LOVED coffee.

I ordered this shirt and two random cases on the 25th, by mistake they are going to a wrong address(old apartment building in another town). I tried to change the shipping information right away, but this was not possible from the website so I contacted woot support. After them messing around for over a week and having the item ship from there warehouse, now they say the only thing that can be done is issue a refund after it is returned?

Reminds me of my “grouchy” cat!

Love this shirt! Makes me laugh and it is so “me” in the morning! I got a lot of reaction when I work it from other coffee and/or cat lovers!

Grumpy Cat wants her grumppuccino.


I’d like it more if it said soda. :slight_smile: