YESSSS! I just broke my CATffeine mug last week doing dishes. I wasn’t sure I’d ever get another on! Good timing!

Hey, can anyone tell me, are the printed images on these mugs OK in the dishwasher?
I mean I would never put one in there, but I just know that’s where it’ll end up.

I generally have mine at work so a quick wash at the breakroom sink most of the time. However, I have a couple at home that never seem to get hand washed and they look as good as day one (but not used quite as much as I am trying to preserve them) Maybe someone will use theirs daily and use dishwasher that can give you a better “daily use claim”.

I have this mug from a previous sale (~2 years ago), and it’s been through the dishwasher quite a bit, probably an average of twice a week. I haven’t noticed any fading of the image at this point.

Bought this mug last year for son’s girlfriend. She just told me that her dad dropped it when he pulled it out of dishwasher (design was doing well but handle broke off…she glued it back together) … I bought her one for Christmas again this year. She loves the design!

WISH they would make insulated TO GO mugs…I would buy so many more! I rarely sit and drink coffee except at work and it gets cold … so insulated with lid would be awesome!