Cathedral Ridge 2005 Oregon Pinot Noir Trio


24 bucks a bottle on the vineyard’s website…

Someone tell me what makes a good Pinot Noir. I’m usually a cab or zin fan.


sounds nice - 25% off retail - maybe later in the week…


This looks like another great woot! But yikes, my cellar is filling up with all these great deals! I probably drink more pinot noir than any other though…will have to see how I’m going to cram it all in the cellar!

Thanks again Woot for another great deal.


No more of this OLD wine… bring us some NEW wine… this year…


From Cooking with Bigfoot: “No more of that canned Red Bull! I want it fresh squeezed!

Look for my cameo as a protestor at the beginning (I’m the one with the hat and the glasses!)

Oh, and I’m in for 3x3 of these.


WTF happened to shipping to AZ? Last week its on the list now its not.


pinot noir yay! i’m in for 1. Lets keep this red wine streak going! even though i’d be ok with some more sparkling whites.


The ship-to states are dependent on the winery’s license, for the most part. Apparently Cathedral Ridge can’t ship to AZ…


Well…Ever since watching Sideways I’ve wanted to try a Pinot Noir. I have NO idea what this varietal is supposed to drink like, but darn it I’m going to find out! :slight_smile: I ordered a trio, so we shall see.


Is this the same Michael Sebastiani from Viansa and Generations of Sonoma (Abandon)?


Has anyone found a review/rating? I’ll wait to see something. Do like reds, can find some pretty good Pinot Nori’s in this price range.


I’m in for 1x3, cannot find anything out about this winery other than their website. I hope it’s not one of those Pinots that wanna be Syrah, I hate that!


Ah, a repeat of Cathedral Ridge…
… but all Pinot Noir this time.

According to the website this is a brand new and “Summer 2006” release. “Like smelling a fresh baked blueberry pie, our Pinot Noir has a subtle sweetness that makes it incredibly approachable. With the taste of the pinot noir grape on your tongue, it’s easy to see why it’s Oregon’s favorite.”

Maybe too new for many/any ratings?
As usual if you have tried this one before, let us know your opinion. Maybe folks who bought the other Cathedral Ridge Woot sampler could give their impressions. (I must shamefully admit I did not participate in that previous Woot! )


My wife and I both like wine, so in the interest of helping out you people in AZ & NJ, we could have you guys order the wine, ship it to Colorado (which is always on the list, shipping times is usually 2 or 3 days) then we could drink it, maybe have a few parties, and send you a evaulation of how it tasted. What do you think?

Ah, I thought that might be your answer, oh well, just trying to help.


<woot-forum-sarcasm ON!>

Gosh, woot. What’s with all the reds. Unbelieveable – it’s like a new red wine every week. Why can’t you ship some nice whites…


Seriously, though – due to the popularity of, you guys may want to run two deals a week, one red, and one white.


I second his comment. I’m definitely a red fan and am disappointed when I see a white deal.


Noooooo keep it to 1 deal a week, I dont need to be tempted to buy 2 deals a week!


Yeah…When there’s a wine I don’t want I usually let out a big sigh of relief in knowing that I won’t be overstocking my wine cellar and draining my pocket book yet again. :slight_smile:


well, no shipping to Indiana this week, saves me money and disappoints me at the same time.