Cathedral Ridge Cabernet Franc (3)

Cathedral Ridge Cabernet Franc 3-Pack
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2013 Moody Vineyard Cabernet Franc, Columbia Valley

Can we talk about '13 in OR? How was the vintage?

And also, CF from OR, in general? I thought you guys only did PN and Chard up there. :wink:

I’m guessing this will be a popular offer for the CF geeks here…

Not a lot of CF offers around these parts. The PH is a little high but everything else looks good. It would be nice if we got some rattage here.

Some rattage would definitely be nice. I also noted the pH and wondered. As a varietal does CF have a higher pH?

Yeah, that’d be interesting…

There are some wonderful Cabernet Francs coming out of the Columbia Gorge these days. Many of the vineyards are located further east in the area so it is a little drier. I recently had a wonderful 2013 Cabernet Franc from the Loire Valley and would compare it to our 2013 vintage. Same acidity, same nose, same palate. It was lovely.
This is the 2nd vintage we have produced from this vineyard and we have received rave reviews from many wine buffs and judges regarding both. I hope you take advantage of this great offer! Please let me know any further questions you might have.

Some general info on the area:

Just reread Chapter 9 from Clark’s Postmodern Winemaking and my head is close to exploding. Not sure I even know what questions to ask.

Perhaps just the regime used for elevage…?
And TA, where did that fall out for this vintage bottling?

I’ll note Clark reports 3.76 and 3.78 on two of his CF’s, while Peter is down at 3.5 on his '07 Baron.

Looks like an interesting offer, but as usual Woot won’t ship to NM. Most other retailers and wineries will ship to NM. Kind of odd to point the finger at NM’s legislature when plenty of other sellers are able to work around their regulations.

Would have been in on Clark Smith’s CF as well. But the nice thing with wine is there’s always another vintage and offer . . . .

We currently don’t sell to New Mexico. Nothing personal. There are often other factors at play in the regulations.

Wooters often have Wootleggers in other states.

No eleves were harmed in the making of this wine. They appreciate your concern…

Hi there! If you contact me tomorrow I can work out shopping to New Mexico. We can ship directly from Oregon for this offer. Our office is open from 10-5 and you can ask for Julie or Gina. We would hate to have you miss out on this! 800-516-8710

Could you answer the few questions asked above about the vintage and the numbers for this wine? :slight_smile:

Your concern has been beaten into the ground numerous times and there is probably a detailed explanation somewhere in the community blogs.

Don’t give up on Wine Woot though, soon enough some exciting wine will come by and empty your wallet!!!

Edit: I see Cathedral Ridge has made it happened for you!!

All of the wines from Cathedral Ridge are aged in neutral oak barrels. No new oak is used in the process. We try and let the grapes do their thing in terms of making juice into wine, with as few interventions and rack/returning as possible. All of the grapes come in to the winery and are put into fermenting bins within 3-4 hours of being picked. No time to let A grapes become B grapes while waiting in line.
This particular vintage was aged for 18 months and has been aged in the bottle for approximately 6-7 months. Everything we do is by hand, on site from the bottling to the labeling. The wine never leaves a controlled temperature environment and travels a mere 50 feet from barrel room to storage.
I do not have current numbers for TA as I am working from home today without my lab book.
Hope this helps!

Given the higher pH, was filtration used?

I hope that no offense is taken with this comment, because it is offered in the hope of developing a productive relationship with wine.woot. I gather that this response is going to a marketing person, so I’m going to provide some feedback in that context.

When you offer wine at a premium price, you should anticipate that there will be more technical questions. At $10/bottle, I am more willing to take a “flier” than I am at $30/bottle.

I think it’s important to understand that when an offering appears at wine.woot, most of the community is looking for reasons to say “Yes” instead of reasons to say “No”. This should be a marketer’s dream - simply respond to the prospect’s technical questions and you will make sales.

So, some of us have asked specific questions, which frankly haven’t been directly answered. If you don’t know the answer, then say “let me check with the winemaker”, and get back to us with a real answer. Giving us fluff that doesn’t respond to the questions asked is a real put-off - you’re giving us reasons to say “No” instead of reasons to say “Yes”.

I checked back here just before closing hoping I would click on the “Buy” button because my questions have been answered. CF is personal favorite, but I’ve had rot and I’ve had sublime, at all price points. As it stands this this thread doesn’t give me the comfort I need to pop at this price. Sorry.