Cathedral Ridge Columbia Valley Pinot Noir (3)

Cathedral Ridge Columbia Valley Pinot Noir 3-Pack
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2012 Cathedral Ridge Pinot Noir, Bangsund Vineyard, Columbia Valley
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Seems like a nice offer from a producer I’ve never tried. Can we get some additional specs please?

Hi there! We are happy to hear you’re interested! We are very proud of this Pinot Noir and think it to be unique and delicious. What kind of specs would you like?
The pH is a balanced 3.94 and the brix came in at 25.4 during early October 2012. We barrel aged it in neutral American oak for 18 months and the alcohol is 14.3%.
Let us know if you have any other questions!

What is the drinking window?

This is hands down THE best Pinot Noir I’ve ever had the pleasure of discovering. It’s shown up on woot a couple times over the last 8-10 years and I would highly recommend it to anyone. I just need to check my budget to make sure that grabbing a triple today is an option.

Single vineyard pinot sounds great but pH and Alcohol level seem a bit high to me.

Would you explain why you liked it so much? Or perhaps compare/contrast it to other well known Pinots or Woot offerings?

thanks for jumping in Cathedral Ridge. Owner Rob Bell is a legend in the business consulting world (always have a note pad with you when you talk to him). His second career in the wine biz has served him well. I think I’ve known him for almost twenty years.

and Michael Sebastiani can flat out make really really good wine. I’ve always been intrigued by his take on the Columbia Gorge.

Love all the wineries in this area. Probably in for 2. I especially love the Barberas in this area that are starting to crop up. Hope Woot can offer one of those soon.

Enjoyed the 2008 CR Pinot. Unfortunately, no tasting notes on either bottle. Grilled salmon with OR Pinot Noir is a favorite pairing of ours. I thought Michael Sebastiani did a great job with the wine.

Michael here - I want to answer any questions…

The Bangsund vineyard is in the Dalles…just East of Hood River; within the 20 miles of these 2 areas, the temp is quite warmer as you head through the Dalles toward the desert - since it is warmer, the pH will rise, as will the Brix. The alc is not that high for many Pinots; we will get lower alcs for our Pinot vineyards in Hood River and from our Dampier vineyard. Yet we enjoy showcasing a warmer climate Pinot that can carry a touch more weight and tannin.

Any questions - let us know!

+1 on the ph and alcohol.

have not seen this answered yet, what is the window?

wanted to see the Michigan mitten light up so in for 2…

Thanks for jumping on and answering questions. The alcohol is pretty normal for say a Cali pinot so warm vineyard makes sense but the PH is suprising. When I see A PH near 4 I think flabby especially in pinot but I’ve been suprised in the past by a wines PH and how zippy the wine appeared on the tongue. I’m guessing this particular bottle of pinot is fitting the California style of pinot more so than what is typically found in Oregon.

So you have not actually tasted this specific offering?