Cathedral Ridge Oregon Red - Three Pack

Cathedral Ridge Oregon Red - Three Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
1 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon
1 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve
1 2008 Pinot Noir
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Previous Offers:
3/3/2010 (same offer)

Pinot Noir


Reserve Cab

March 3, 2010 woot

i think this is the deal from march 3rd?

cathedral ridge oregon red - 3 pack

Looks like ~300 woots to get through these…

I got it last time and it must have sat on the UPS truck/at the UPS building too long in the heat or something because that Pinot was terrible :frowning: Sorry, that’s all I’ve got. At least I’m not blaming the wine! note: my UPS guy hates me and only tries twice when he’s supposed to try three times, so I have beef with them.

if it weren’t for that other thing going on, I might take a nap.

Haha what exactly do you have to do to piss off the ups guy? Did he hit on you and you shut him down so now he takes it out on your wine?

No, he’s always been a grumpy bastard. I think he hates his life and doesn’t appreciate that if I’m home, I’m obviously sleeping when he shows up since I take a little while to get to the door and I’m in my pajamas (I work at a restaurant and my hours are all over the place). I’ve tried to be as friendly as possible, but I’ve only seen him smile once and, oddly, that was when he delivered my wine cooler and had to make an extra effort to get it into my garage. He laughed about it being heavy or something. Weirdo.

So, did you drink any of the cabs in your last order yet? (corkscrew hint)

Yes. I’ve raced near there, at Maryhill (where there’s a big concrete version of Stonehenge), and it’s just another 20 miles east of the Dalles on the Columbia river.

I was astounded at the climate changes as I drove out of rain-soaed cloudy Portland up the river. Gradually, mile by mile the rain eased, the sun came out and the environs became less like rainforest. By theDalles the big change was definitely obvious, and it was noticeably drier, towards a California kind of climate. By Maryhill, you might even be in SoCal, or at least south of SF.

The climate is the most changeable of any continental system I’ve seen. I’m from a small island off Western Europe notorious for its weather variability and its people’s obsession with talking about the weather. Even there, where driving 200 miles gets me home from London, I don’t see such big climate changes.

I actually just got to the Pinot over the weekend and hadn’t… Aw, man, I’m still working on a bottle of Havens Beau Terroir Merlot right now. I’m only one woman!

And they just adjusted the quantity down by 200 or so…only 7% left now.

A little more manual pruning, and only 14 were sold. We might see this again later in the wootoff.

Let’s hope so. The Cab’s are excellent.

lucky you… The Havens Syrah was rubbish!

You know you can ask for help with drinking them. Although the drive back up the 10 might be a little erratic!

I think I ended up with the Syrah too - that’s what I drink when I just need to have some wine but am not yet prepared to break into the good stuff. I held off on my one Beau Terroir until night before last because I ran out of the just plain Merlot and wasn’t feeling one of the Cabs or the Velvet (yeah, I got super-suckered with the Havens offerings, but I do like the Velvet), but needed to drink something while holding my wine.woot! off vigil.

I think that you’d need a little more notice for the six-hour drive, and we’d probably have had to come up with the idea before the middle of the night during a woot! off. Maybe next time :wink: And thanks for the offer.

Indeed! Nonetheless, a good excuse to add a state to the list of ones been to… Even have distant cousins there. And, on a practical note, I always notice more to a taste when someone else is describing the same wine their own way at the same time.