Cathedral Ridge Pinot Noir + Pinot Gris - 4 Pack

Cathedral Ridge Pinot Noir + Pinot Gris - 4 Pack
$54.99 + $7.00 shipping
2 2008 Cathedral Ridge Pinot Noir Bungsund Vineyard
2 2009 Cathedral Ridge Pinot Gris
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Do they have any numbers for us? How about ph and brix and all that jazz? Has anybody tried the juice to give us info as to what its like?

The 2008 Oregon Pinot Noir vintage is supposed to be much more consistent and generally higher quality than 2007. '07 was more hit/miss, albeit with plenty of hits. When the combination of money and cellar space comes around I’ll test this out in depth. :slight_smile:

Was there even a 2007 PN made from Bangsund Vineyard?

Price is right.
Roughly $20 a bottle for the PN and $10 a bottle for the PG. A 30% discount before shipping from the winery.

Alright somebody talk me into it!

This same PN was part of a three pack they sold back in December, somebody who ordered it and opened it needs to spill the beans.

How does this wine compare with other Oregon PNs in the $30 price range?

I regret not drinking enough of them to have a good answer for you. We are, however, drinking a 2007 Gilbert Cellars Allobroges from the Columbia Valley and that is going down really smooth at the moment. Not a PN though, but a fine 2007 Oregon wine.

I can’t speak for anyone else but I think it’s a bit odd that there isn’t even an alcohol % listed on the information sheet. I can understand having less information on small case woots but at least some more information would be helpful to have.

The Allobroges is a nice wine, but there is literally nothing about it that is Oregon - it’s all Washington state. Grenache (15%) from the Horse Heaven Hills, Mourvedre (23%)  from the Yakima Valley, and Syrah (62%) from their estate Doc Stewart Vineyard on the Wahluke Slope. Plus, the winery is in downtown Yakima (great dessert if you’re ever in town, live music some nights too).

I remember reading about Cathedral Ridge when they won the Wine Press Northwest 2007 Oregon Winery of the Year. At the time, they were highly praised for their whites.

Columbia Gorge Pinot Noir is nothing like Willamette Pinot Noir, and there is no comparison. It’s interesting in an academic sort of way, but way too fruit forward, thin, and lacking the grace of it’s westward cousins. I suspect this is due to the higher heat on the Gorge and not-quite-as-cool nights. I’ve tried Gorge Pinot over and over, and it always comes up short, including where this is sourced near The Dalles. Buy this for the white only.

BTW, it’s Bangsund, not Bungsund. Incorrect as of 2:30 AM CDT.

I must have red the bottle wrong :slight_smile: sorry to post useless chatter.

I ordered the 3-pack with the Pinot Noir in it, we drank it back in April/May. From what I recall, it was pleasant. Light, bright red in color, berries and sweet cherries dominate, and just a hint of tannins on the finish. It’s a good Oregon Pinot.

Hi there -

I hear you on looking for alcohol %'s, it’s a reference point for many people. I feel it’d be easier to explain our wine motives than give numbers (ironically) - we shoot for our ripe, fruit expressions at as low a sugar as possible, so that they don’t go over the top, and we can retain the grape’s true acidity flavors.

That said, our wines from Hood River tend to be in the low 13s, and then a tad higher as our vineyards move east towards the Dalles. This Gris exemplifies that; and it is the same reason we have our Bangsund and Dampier Pinot Noirs separate to express the terroir of each Pinot appellation…and hence their different ripening times, sugars (alcohol), and flavors.


I have had the Pinot Noir, ordered from woot before, and loved it. I seek this out now in NY wine shops. This was one of the first Oregan wines that made me fall in love with OR pinot’s. The only one better than this that I had on woot was the Expression pinot. I am now a member of Expresion wine club. I have seen a great range of prices for Cathedral pinots. Per bottle from $20 - $30+ . I am in for 3.

Michael - I did not see any mention of your name and that you are the consulting winemaker for Cathedral Ridge. So you should introduce yourself. And for those that were here long enough, Michael is also winemaker behind Generations of Sonoma/Highway 12.

I have to say that I couldn’t disagree with you more about Gorge Pinot Noirs. you say too fruit forward but I think they express the flavors of the grape beautifully. Cool air fills the growing valleys from Mt Hood and Mt Adams and nice wind keeps the vines happy. Many Gorge Pinots beat Willamette Valley Pinots in blind tastings all the time. They are also way more reasonably priced than valley pinots. $30 in Hood River is easily $50 in Dundee.

You are right about Bangsund, though.

In 2007 the Bangsund fruit was blended with another pinot so we couldnt call it out as a single vineyard designate. Going forward we have decided to celebrate the beauty of this fruit and the wonderful grapegrowing by John Bangsund and label it as such.