Cathedral Ridge Red - 3 Pack

Cathedral Ridge Red - 3 Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
1 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon
1 2008 Syrah
1 2008 Bangsund Pinot Noir
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These are some newer and different wines from the last wootage… and with a mixed Cab / Syrah and Pinot Noir offering from the same place makes me wonder what the stats are… Please please some Alc % and acid data!

Well, at least I don’t have to ask about smoke taint. Looking forward to more stats on this one!

I know you want numbers, but you can also listen to the Voicemail above and the gentleman (Hunter I believe he said) states that the hanging time on the grapes leads to intense flavor and lots of acid.

IIRC, the last offer this producer talked about the diverse microclimates in the Columbia Gorge AVA that allowed for great diversity of varietal wines.

Just thought I’d post this from the initial offering:

That thread is probably the best to peruse - 5 of 6 wines in the other 2 offerings were whites.

Hmm… according to the voicemail above, Sebastiani is involved in making this wine, one of the few Wineries in CA that I have visited.

Does the wine maker have any interesting notes on the differences between his estate/CA wines and the wines that he makes from the ones up your way?

I think you’d rather meant to have posted this QP from last time: (?) :wink:

ccrida wrote:
These wines are all from vineyards in The Dalles, which is on the Oregon side of the Columbia River, but in the center part of the state. As mentioned previously, this is warmer and drier then the Willamette Valley where are famed Pinots are from. So I’d suspect the 07’s would have enjoyed the favorable conditions of the WA side of the Columbia River Valley for the Big Reds in 07. As for 08 Pinots, it is considered by many to be the best vintage ever for the Willamette Valley, but that is not where this Pinot is from. I’m not sure how the gorge Pinots fared in 08, but again, it’s hotter and drier the Willamette.

While the Big Reds do come from out near The Dalles where the hotter and drier climate is perfect for them, The Pinots are grown deeper in the gorge where cooler air and moisture from the Columbia provide a very comfortable home. On southern facing slopes at slightly higher elevations the grapes enjoy long sunny afternoons this far north but cool nights and moist mornings. Makes for some good Pinot!

That’s promising, but yes indeed, please the pH and alcohol data. Hopefully the winery will turn up. From last time when I nearly bought, they sound smart and knowledgeable (and not defensive :wink: !!

I saw that… hope that he comes back for this offering. Worst case, they do have a phone number that states you can call them and ask questions. Doesn’t look like he ever followed through on the potential of getting addicted to Wine.Woot offers though!

okay, good. that was the offering with the PN that I said tasted like turpentine - and then you directed me to the review from the labrat that said something about cherry paint thinner, but let it sit out for an hour or so and then it’s amazing. to be fair, I never had the courage to open the 2nd bottle…

The wife and I visited the tasting room last February and bought the 2006 Syrah. We probably drank it too young. It was full bodied and continued to improve for quite a while after opening. I know its the 2008 in this offer, but perhaps the winemaker could comment on the differences. We paid $32 for just the Syrah.

lol great memory. I know you’re not a huge PN lover (though that KR might help you change your mind) but perhaps now is a good time :slight_smile:

Here are winemaker michael sebastiani’s posts too, (and polarbear noted he made the woot monkey wine or something), and here’s one of his posts from last time on the AVA:

Been seeing some questions about the growing regions for the wines…and the somewhat “contradiction” of growing a Cab and Pinot Noir in the same region.

Like the winery said, the focused region for CRW is about a 20-mile stretch from Hood River east to the Dalles…20 miles, big climate change. Cooler weather in HR are great for PN, Pinot Gris, Riesling and maybe a touch of Chard. Head 20 miles toward the desert, and you can get 100deg days that ripen Cabs, Merlots, Syrahs. A stretch of growing region that has a spectrum of ripening flowing through it.

Napa is mentioned a bit here too…think of the southern tip of Napa/Sonoma (Carneros) where Chard and Pinot rule - cold weather influence from the bay/ocean. Go north into the valley where summer heats up and you get your nice, big Cabs. That’s the two tips of the region here.

Also mentioned…the decanting…yes, these wines benefit from it…some more than others, but also yes, all wines are different. To make it more complicated, some people like it one-way, or the other…hmm, like most things, ya?


BTW Cellar Tracker’s new site, has reverted to being a BETA site for Cellar Trackerm dropping the new name! As I foretold in my footer here :wink:

I’d like to know the drinking windows on these. The description says the Cab is ready now, but it’s very young - ditto the Syrah.

And that “turpentine” thing scares me, even if it’s a different vintage. I have had Pinots that had that taste, and decanting has indeed helped. But the problem worsened as they aged.

this is a different Pinot from last time, as the last time didn’t have the extra name Burgesund at the end. I believe this will be from a specific vineyard. Perhaps with a different fruit profile…

Be good to hear a winemaker answer certainly re ageing profiles and style.

Sharper incendiary quality on the tongue, pairs better with latex.

sorry - bit frazzled tonight. My teenage son drove my car over a 3-foot snowbank.

…no one hurt, car is fine - just a tow.

I’ve got to say that these forums are a lot more fun when the winemaker is heavily involved even if they turn out to be a bit cantankerous.

The Sunce forum was the most entertaining on wine.woot in a very long time.

Ouch. No one was hurt, I hope.