Cathedral Ridge Reserve Rock Star Red (3)

Cathedral Ridge Reserve Rock Star Red 3-Pack
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2011 Cathedral Ridge Reserve Rock Star Red Wine, Columbia Valley
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curious about the percentages in the blend and about the bottle fill? Looks a little low to me.

“Winemaker: Michael Sebastiani”

From the Sonoma Sebastianis?

50/50 According to the write-up

thank you, didnt catch it, assumed it would be under specs.

You mean you don’t like your wine pre-shouldered? :wink:


Based on my own experience with this wine and a review of comments by others who drank later vintages, I would recommend drinking this wine by the end of 2015 or early 2016, to catch it in its prime. Doing so should be rewarding, approaching a “90.” The price offered here is about half of what most people paid for previous vintages.

Bahwm and I had a chance to drink a bottle of the Rock Star with dinner a couple of weekends ago, and I managed to write some notes. I poured a taste into each of our glasses, gave it a swirl, found it to be nice and clear, with a deep ruby color. I got a very subdued nose of dark red fruit, my first thought was cassis. My impression on taking the first sip was totally different from the bouquet, no real fruit coming through, but a lot of complex flavors. We sat down at the dinner table, and I poured some more to let it open up a bit. Now I’m getting leather, tobacco, pencil shavings, some spice I can’t put my finger on, just that hint of cassis. As I said, lots of complexity. We had trouble figuring out which dinner element it paired with. I wish I had thought of dark chocolate. I found it to be a very interesting wine, worthy of another try, to see if I could pick up more fruit flavors in a different bottle, and now I want to try it with chocolate. Looks like a nice deal.

About a week ago, ddeuddeg & I tasted the 2011 Cathedral Ridge Rock Star Red Reserve. I was glad to have the opportunity to taste a wine from the Hood River region of Columbia Valley in Oregon. This is not a region with which I have a lot of experience.

Upon opening and in the first tasting pour, I didn’t get much of anything on the nose. I swirled my glass several times and sniffed and nothing jumped out at me. The flavors were rather non-descript. Usually, I am able to identify one particular flavor, but not with this wine.

Things were a bit crazy during the week before Christmas and a bunch of late evenings at work and I wrote some very sketchy tasting notes. Sorry. I do remember that it paired best with the Brussels Sprouts with Lemon EVOO & a hint of Lemon Balsamic!

Finally, about 40 minutes after opening, the wine began to open up a bit and some flavors started to come through a little, but not enough to identify in any detail. I kept trying to identify the aromas and the flavors, but to no avail.

Very happy to see Cathedral Ridge back on wine.woot. I’ve known Proprietor Rob Bell for many years. He’s one of the most innovative business thinkers I’ve ever met.

and of course I’ve enjoyed Michael’s wines since his Viansa days.

This is a fun offer.

Interesting tasting notes.

I’ve not had many 50%/50% Cab./Syrah blends–especially not from Oregon. And the low alcohol % is interesting, too (probably indicative of why the notes suggest dominant flavors of something other than fruit, even with these varietals).

An interesting offer that I’d jump on if it were a few $$$ cheaper. Will have to take a think on this one.

I had the pleasure of trying this wine a week ago, Christmas eve actually. Opened it up and poured about a half of glass and let the rest breath a bit. The color was a deep purple, and the wine had a nice bouquet, a definite Cabernet Sauvignon aroma, no question this is a Cab. gave it a swirl and it has nice legs. 1st drink was nice and very dry had a hint of blackberry but no vanilla which is a plus for me, also had nice mellow after taste, smooth but not overbearing. Went back about an hour later and noticed a big change, a little smoother and really had a nice finish. Bottom line is I really like this Cab. I would place it in the “White Oak” class of Cab’s.

I prefer to do it myself.

So glad to hear all the tasting notes and suggestions from all you wooters!
We are happy to be back and hope you will check us out for future offers.

Not many wineries are blending Cabernet and Syrah that is true! We’ve always liked to mix things up a bit . This proprietary red blend has been produced since the early 2000’s here at Cathedral Ridge.
The alcohol percentages in 2011 were lower than other years due to a cooler year. We have found that the vintage has produced great food pairing wines that continue to impress. This vintage is a testament to our amazing winemaker’s vision and skills.
We hope you can taste the Rock Star sometime! Perhaps on a trip to Hood River:)

Brussel sprouts with balsamic sound like an amazing pairing! Earthy and peppery to match the wine.
Thanks for the notes, we love to hear feedback, and we hope you had a wonderful holiday season full of amazing wine :slight_smile:

Glad to see comments on the Rockstar!

And a very happy holidays to all!

Rockstar is our most special blend from CRW - the name dictates its origination; having found 2 of our top vineyards performing above and beyond other blends, we found that they were the “Rockstar” components…and, as such, the blend was found.

We want to hear all input, as we make wines for you to enjoy - and just as in cooking food, we are chefs in the cellar - and fine tune flavors to match the vineyards and all of us to enjoy!

Post me on any winemaking questions -


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