Cathedral Ridge Rusty Red Reserve Syrah (3)

Cathedral Ridge Rusty Red Reserve Syrah 3-Pack
$69.99 $150.00 53% off List Price
2012 Rusty Red Reserve Syrah, Columbia Valley, Oregon

Anyone else notice First buyer: mill? This just became a more interesting offer! Will there be any winery participation?

It’s always a good sign!

Looks like a nice offer. Reserve level Syrah, specs look ok, PH may be a little high but per RJ’s post yesterday its probably just fine. Don’t love the label, I’d prefer a more classic twist on their standard label but what do I know about wine marketing. :wink:

My Yellow Lab Stanley and Chocolate Lab Bella love the label!

Interesting… I always think it’s less interesting when mill is first because he buys anything and for that matter everything :slight_smile:

Remind me if I ever stop over of this bottle humping comment…

Hello Friends!
If you have any questions about our Rusty Red let us know!
Rusty was our beloved winery dog and our owner’s best friend and the reason for our saying “great wine and great dogs are necessities of life”

So we’ve had a few comments about higher pH wines this week. How does it affect and do you manage production at these higher values?

The worst part is Stanley is convinced the Black Lab is a girl and Bella is equally convinced it is a boy.

No argument from me about that! If I weren’t in Poland, I would love to try your Syrah.

Hello Cathedral Ridge Winery, looking forward to trying your wine.Rusty Red Reserve Syrah

Winery: one fly over visit and gone?

Sorry about that… working from home today!
in my opinion, since this wine is on the cusp of an off-dry style, the low acidity lends itself to the smoothness of the wine and for earlier drinkability on this label.

Thanks, appreciate the re-visit.

It’s Sunday, you should be home!