Cathedral Ridge Tempranillo (3)

Cathedral Ridge Tempranillo 3-Pack
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2012 Tempranillo, Ziegler Vineyard, Hood River
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Cool climate Tempranillo from WA? Interesting. 150 case production and 22 months in oak makes it even more interesting. Anyone have tasting notes?

Would also be interested in any additional specs the winery can provide; pH, TA, RS, etc.

I like seeing offers like this, single vineyard small production temp. from Washington. I hope we got some tasters coming but my guess is cathedral ridge is well known enough that we won’t get any community notes from bottles sent out.

Here are a few additional tasting notes for the Ziegler Vineyard Tempranillo.
…“opens with aromas of black cherry, blueberry and baby portabello mushrooms. On the palate, this reveals flavors of pie cherry, pomegranate, blueberry and rhubarb, all backed with ample tannin and acidity”.

I purchased the Cathedral Ridge mix years ago, and was disappointed to have to wait 4 years to see any more offerings from this Vineyard. Granted I was somewhat newly introduced to wine back then, Cathedral Ridge was some of the best wine we had back then. In for 1! (Also, still waiting on the CR Rock Star :wink: )

I love Washington state wines in general and I think their Cabs and Syrahs are some of the best made in the US.

I have not had a Tempranillo from WA state. Could the winemaker comment on the flavor profile of this varietal grown in the pacific Northwest?

I love Riojas, Toros and Ribera del dueros. How would you compare your wines to these Old World standards?

My cousin lived in WA and knows this wine and highly recommends it. Personally, I know nothing about wine, but will buy it and gift it to someone.

My birthday is just around the corner!!!

Hi! What mix are you referring to? We have a few :slight_smile: in reference to the Ziegler Vineyard we have Tempranillo from the 2010, 2011 and 2012 vintages. Where are you located?

Tempranillo has become a fun wine to make in Oregon (though the grapes are across the river). Working with the “non-traditional” varieties gives us a chance to pair it with fun and diverse foods…I go with paella on this one!


Hey there rlmanzo,
We like to compare our Tempranillo to a Crianza. It has a subtle oak note, but not as much as a Cabernet from Washington. The cherry profile is very similar to a Rioja and the leather and cocoa notes are as well. Generally, because it is not grown in as warm of weather as Spain, the Tempranillos coming out of the Gorge tend to have lower alcohol, a slightly lighter body and a very balanced acidity. This wine has so many aromas and tastes jumping out of the glass.
The differences make it a perfect food pairing wine for a large variety of dishes. We promise you won’t be dissapointed:)

Hi chipgreen,
The pH on this bottling is listed as 3.78. The RS is around .18%. This vintage came in at approximately 21.5-22 brix.
Let me know if you want anymore info:)

Thank you for the response and for your participation in general. My only other question is about cellaring - can you estimate this wine’s aging potential and sweet-spot for drinkability?

Since we have only been producing the Tempranillo since the 2010 vintage I cannot personally attest to cellar aging but I will say that the acidity lends itself to being able to cellar quite well. The 2010 still has great balance but has gotten a little softer. I would say my personal preference would be to age 3-4 years or more if you like them softened up a bit.

Thanks again for your responses, glad to hear it should cellar well for at least a few years as I have juuust a bit too much wine already!

Last wooter to woot: chipgreen