Cathedral Ridge Trio



We want !!! but this wine is looking very tempting.


These prices are taken from and do not include shipping:

Cathedral Ridge 2004 Chardonnay = $17
Cathedral Ridge 2004 Pino Gris = $17
Cathedral Ridge 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon = $26


2/3 White. Too bad.


“partial barrel fermentation, malolactic fermentation, sur lees stirring and extended barrel aging to enhance its delicate almond character and to express its wonderful fruit and acidity.” Apparently the winner of the 2004 NW Wine Summit Silver Medal. Being that it is two years later, it could be “cooked” or it could be fine.

I’m willing to give woot a try on wine (I ordered the opening night 4-pack from St. Supery) but the risk is that this stuff has been sitting in some texas warehouse with no airconditioning for a year and could be completely wasted. We’ll see! :slight_smile:


Click on the link above and cathedral will provide free shipping on any case from there site.


was awine merchant for 18 years this is over priced for the what we have here


If I read right the wine is being shipped form a California company. Woot is not shipping these from Texas.

Tell me if I am wrong Woot.

Stick with the Reds Woot White Wine is for Wimps.


Stick with the Reds Woot White Wine is for Wimps.

Get real!!! To “real” wine people, summertime is for whites!!


I think someone forgot a few t’s. I’ve never had a piNO!


I ordered the first 4 and think I will wait and see, in what condition the wine arrives. My experience with WOOT is that they are not the best of packers. (I am not sure if this is direct from the winery) I have received stuff from WOOT that looks like it was in an LA police beat down. What if a bottle or 2 of my wine is broken? The hassle, the tears, the horror of it all…NTM the red stain.


Let’s cut Woot some slack until proven otherwise. If the wines are “sold by the winery”, chances are that’s where they’re shipping from. There are too many costs / legalities / logistics involved in getting a discount-priced wine from Oregon to Texas just to ship it again the next day. And most wineries know how to pack / ship wine to prevent breakage / spoilage.

My biggest concern is that Woot started selling wine right at the time it’s getting HOTTTT across most of the country (it’s gonna be 92 here today…). Many wineries don’t ship at all during the summer months, or only ship longer distances by 2nd day air. But at $5 shipping, you can be certain our juice is NOT coming on a plane. And If UPS leaves a case of wine sitting in a hot warehouse over the weekend or – worse – baking in a tin oven trailer as it drives cross-country, then it’s totally cooked by the time it arrives.

But as I say, let’s cut them some slack until the reports start to come in.


Dear Woot,
Please dont leave my wine in a hot warehouse!!! I just got finished setting up my new wine cellar!!! THANKS!!


I searched for reviews last night and only came up with those awards that seem to say everything is terrific. But this winery look like it’s worth a shot, so I’ll go for 3 bottles, unless someone finds some reviews, positive or negative.


Oops, looks like someone thought they’d help out a bit with a pronunciation-spelling. We put the T in the Pinot. (Which I think is much more pleasant than if we’d had to have put the P in the Pinot.)

Also, we’ll probably address this in some future blog post letting you know how all this works, but for now, rest-assured, your wine is not sitting in our hot warehouse next to a pile of wireless doo-dads. In almost all cases, you’ll be getting your wine directly from the vineyards, since they know how to store and ship this sort of thing much better than we might.


Make more woot pages :frowning:

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I live in Hood River and am very familiar with wines in the Columbia Gorge/valley regions. These Cathedral Ridge wines are outstanding and represent a great value. Just wait until you have the chance to taste the 03 Cab!


You are correct in your assessment, these are not sitting in the woot warehouse right now, they will be drop shipped from the winery, so you can stop worrying my friend.

White wine, Red wine they all have their place!


Looking like I need to try this one.


The white wine sampler that includes the two whites plus a Riesling is $39.99. Granted, the Cab is a few bucks more, but what’s the “hook” supposed to be to compel someone to buy wine from here instead of directly from the winery? Not trying to be snarky…just wondering how this is going to be sustainable…