Cathy Corison’s Helios Merlot and Syrah - 2 Pack

Cathy Corison’s Helios Merlot and Syrah - 2 Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
1 2004 Helios Merlot
1 2004 Helios Syrah
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Previous offer:

I’d be all over this if the Cab Franc was involved :slight_smile:

Edit from what I remember these are typically around $30 a bottle, and thus not that great a deal. Website doesn’t have exact prices, so I could be wrong :slight_smile:

Damn. Sparky beat me :tongue:

Cathy Corison’s Helios Merlot and Syrah - 2 Pack
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EDIT: Cathy, great to see you back in these parts! Hope to see you again soon in St Helena.

CC still not available in KS :frowning:

I remember the 2004 Merlot from another offering. Good stuff indeed. You don’t have to think as hard before popping these as with the straight up Corison label :slight_smile:

How does the Syrah stack up?


Right, so here’s the problem with these wines - they mean there’s space in the Kronos Vineyard that’s not planted with Cabernet. Travesty! :slight_smile:

At my tasting last fall we didn’t get to try either of these. The Helios Cab. Franc was good though.

This seems really close in price to the past Corison Cabernet Sauvignon offers.

Yeah, that sounds familiar. We got some [Merlot] at the winery in 2009 for about $30. The last Helios on w.w was significantly less than this offer. Me thinks.

So this was not less expensive last time… whoops. Not the exact same offer either.

The cab. offer is typically $60 + $5 shipping.
This is not quite the discount we usually see on Cathy’s wines here but a discount nonetheless. Also as far as I can tell, keep in mind these aren’t even on her website for sale.

It’ll be restrained and balanced, but I’d still love the acidity and Brix data if Cathy has it!

Re price, it may be that the less expensive wine has lower margin. I do love a good Syrah however. So if you can’t afford past spots are $35 / bottle for the Napa Cab, this us likely as cheap as you’ll ever get Corison. It’s 2 years closer to its 10-year-old peak too. (See last woot)

see here for price discussions last time

The merlot is fantastic and almost worth the price alone. I wish the cab were with it (or 2 merlot).

Woot #50 = Corison. OK, that will work…

she’d never do that

Oy, someone took some liberties with the copy then…

“We grow up next door to each other right there in Kronos Vineyard, and now we’re both in Helios labels at the same dinner party.”

Current numbers (updated each minute)
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I’m in, SIWBM be damned. Hard to pass up an offer from Cathy and I’ll be home in March to enjoy them. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I don’t trust that copy.

I’d also like clarification on vineyard sourcing. I know this is Corison and all, but it’d stoke further interest if the vineyard sourcing had an interesting story. I’d be especially interested if the Merlot and Syrah came from Carneros or Southern Napa where the soil and climate often favor those varieties.