Catit Jumbo Cat Litter Pan - Gray

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Catit Jumbo Cat Litter Pan - Gray
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These jumbo litter pans are awesome. My five cats share two of them. They are very easy to scoop thanks to the lift-up flap on the front. No need to pull the whole lid off each time!

I only have one cat but the price was too good to pass up the last time this was up here.

We got it to try to better contain the litter. The open-box litter pans we were using before had the cat digging and spreading litter all over the place.

This litter box works great at containing it all.

Great reviews at Wayfair

This is an excellent cat box. The cover keeps the litter from going over the side. It is big enough for my big cat to get inside.The best feature is the depth of the pan. It is deep enough for cat to do a good job of burying without the clumps of stuff sticking to the bottom of the pan. I don’t have to empty and wash the pan. I just have to scoop it.
Some reviewers on Amazon mentioned their cats would not go in with the door on. I just waited 2 weeks for the cat to get used to using this box before putting the door on and he is fine with it.
My only complaint is I paid full price ($45!) on Amazon. I am sad now.

I love the price and the size of these pans . Only one Question tho, Where do you buy Replacement fliters at for these ?? Thx for your Help. :slight_smile:

I can’t add this item to my cart, anybody else having this problem?

I just added it to my cart. What’s happening when you try?

Can you try a different browser/device?
Clear the cache/temps.

This is probably the best covered litter box I’ve ever used. It’s very sturdy and a nice size for any size cats or multiple cat households.

I don’t ever post on these things, but this is a damn fine litter box. Best I’ve ever had. Just putting that out there. Bought mine at full price several years ago because I have/had problem children, i.e., 1) a giant cat who had a hard time maneuvering in standard boxes, 2) a dumb boy cat who likes to pee straight out, so I needed to contain that business, and 3) one perpetual kitten who likes to play in the litter and fling it everywhere. This was the perfect solution to all three problems.

I’ve never used the door. Keeps all the litter (and boy cat nasties) inside and off the floor. The box is made out of some space-age shiz, because stuff comes off it like nobody’s business. Easy to clean. It’s a little harder to deep clean, which I do in the tub, just because the pieces are so big.

I feel like I should buy a few of them at this price just because they’re this price! I probably won’t ever use another litter box. And I’m a hardcore skeptic of everything and loyal to pretty much nothing. But I’m sold on this box.

I heard the covered boxes are bad for the cats. Anyone know if that’s true?

I’d imagine they would be, especially if you use standard clay litter. I wouldn’t want to be confined in a box, breathing in all that dust. I left the door off, and I keep the flap with the filter on it flipped up. It sits flat against the top of the box. That way, it’s essentially three-sided rather than fully enclosed.

These are great litter boxes. Iwoot!ed the jumbo box several months back and it has worked great for our almost fullgrown kitten. He had no problem immediately learning how to use an enclosed box w/ door, and it does significantly reduce the mess and helps contain any odor. We just got a new kitten and we liked the box so much that we just went and bought another, a little smaller (a large), for about $6 more from the mother ship (Amazon). I would highly recommend this litter box.

Here is the large size box on Amazon, with many good reviews:

You can get inexpensive replacement filters on Amazon - I am on the fence whether they really do much, though:

Thank you so very much :slight_smile:

Got one a little while back and we are happy with ours. It keeps the dust to a minimum. Now I just need to figure out how to keep the cats from spreading the litter all over when the jump out past the little paw mat we have.

Bigger paw mat :stuck_out_tongue:

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