Catronics 8” Digital Photo Frame

Catronics? WHere’s the cat?

woot pre-scoops apple on the tablet pc???

An 8" Cat again!!!

Catronics = Casucks!

Wasn’t this same item on some odd 10 hours ago?

400 pictures…nothin’ but Catronics :frowning:

400 * 468 resolution?

You know, there’s a reason why this stuff is left for the Woot Off.

This is perfect to house all the photographs of my One Battery USB-Recharger Series

Time for more I Haz pics…

Now, the previous one was brown… since this frame is a black Cat… is it unlucky???

Think i’m going “catatonic” again!!

pretty good deal

(computer not included)

Phew! My money is safe for however long this item lasts!

The cat’s in the cradle with a silver spoon

is $82.99 at Amazon

Does this one include the virus like the other ones?

I’ve had far too many crap no-name digital photo frames to be fooled into buying another one.

You get what you pay for with digital photo frames. If it’s inexpensive, it’s not worth your time. If it’s expensive, your wallet will be unhappy with you, but your pictures will look good and it will work as advertised.

2.4" carpier than the one they had on earlier