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Catronics 8” Digital Photo Frame [New] - $29.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Catronics HDF082G 8” Digital Photo Frame

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Catronics 8" Digital Photo Frame
$29.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Catronics HDF082G 8" Digital Photo Frame

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most. useless. item. ever.

for digital cat pix?

to much for this item??

Oooh it has the White Matte in there, which clearly classes up the fake wooden frame part of it.

good price… i never liked them… reminds me too much of Back To The Future 2


* + $5 shipping

i see in the description it sez Calendar and Alarm clock functions… which i guess is better than the alternative…

Great for advertising. Just plug it in and set it on the counter. In for three.

Did my duty and am in for 1. Makes a good grandparent gift. You guys may not like them but most older women are crazy for kid pictures.

is that genuine fake plastic wood?

I wish I had to a breeding pair of Taco Cats to go with my horchata fountain.

mahogany X)

I love digital photo frame. They are a great way to see our hundreds of pictures all day long. This unit is of questionable quality. What is the resolution and aspect ratio??

No flying screaming monkeys yet…what gives…been five hours already! Give me the monkeys!!!

yes i two wish you had to… whaaaaat?

ackshully, like your pic better than the shirt.

I got one of these in my BoC and the build quality is very questionable.

The ‘wood’ is painted to have that ‘wood’ color and the whole thing in general makes me think that it will catch fire if I leave if plugged in while I am away.

But overall, the photo frame isnt bad. It does have the alarm function and it does have a nice screen.

The manual is written in horrible english though. I took it to work and had people read it for the lulz.

Also, it doesnt seem to have a random/shuffle for the photos, so it can be quite boring.

I just got mine today. I starting reading the manual and it was hilarious, it seems that it was translated with one of those online dictionaries. The price was worth the laughs.