Cats and Baths

I once had a cat that hated baths. All it took was for me to sit in the tub with him. Is your cat the same way?

I have never given the cat a bath. I want to live.
Without scars.

Nice pictures!

Love the pictures!
We have had a number of cats. The only time I bathed one on purpose I’m not sure who was wetter - him or me. He had gone through the dryer vent hole while I was out getting parts. When I found him under the house he had insulation on him. I thought washing him would be better than letting him lick it off. It was NOT pretty!

We had another cat with coordination issues. He loved to walk around the top of the claw foot tub. Unfortunately he would lose his balance sonetimes and then one had a cat swimming in the bathtub with them. This same cat used to flush the toliet to see the water go down. He also turned on the water in the bathroom sink to get a drink. He just never learned how to turn the water off.

Your guy reminds me a little of our beloved Jordy. Same coloring, but Jordy had even higher white. He would give me the same expression when he was bathed. We most definitely had to get in the bath tub with him and then he was fine with it.


I knew it! More people need to take baths with their cats. Worst case scenario, they may lose a reproductive organ… but they’ll at least have a clean cat. :slight_smile:

I wanna see Jordy. This is what Zero looks like dry. Are they long lost siblings? :slight_smile:

So jealous that your cat learned to turn on the faucet. I wish mine did. instead he drinks out of the toilet.

nice picture. that is better than the one cat who drinks out of my dad’s teeth cup!

We have 2 Savannah Cats, fifth generation, incredibly athletic and very affectionate. When they were young(er) they would sit outside the shower door and call to me or my wife. One time she opened the door about 8 inches and Lucy jumped right in she (Lucy) didn’t seem to mind at all. This became a regular occurrence for about 6 months (until we got tired of cleaning up after wet cat). Duncan jumped on the bathtub wall but didn’t go all the way in. To this day, Lucy goes out in the rain without hesitation (Duncan has unfortunately gone to the great scratching post in the sky).

So I have the only dirty cat?

I bought the self-cleaning model. worth every penny.

We’ve had two cats. Never ever gave them a bath. Always thought they were pretty good at it themselves.

I’m pretty sure only one of us would survive the bath, and it wouldn’t be the one who buys the cat food.