Cats are the Best Medicine

The most factual cat shirt ever.

Yay Cat Shirt! Order placed.

I’m really second guessing getting a cat now after reading that.

A fun design that deserved to place. Grats Fable!

Congrats, Fable! How quickly we forget the side effects when thinking of getting another cat :slight_smile:

That’s why my current bonded pair - brothers - have their own place - they live in the guest house. Cuts down on nocturnal shenanigans in my presence. In for 3!

I would REALLLLLLY love this as a POSTER! ahem PLEASE?!

Congrats! Ordered mine! It will go great with the new kitten we got a week ago!!

The catopioid crisis is no laughing matter.

Congrats :slight_smile:

Fablefire draws the cutest cat butts :3
nice win!!!

OH EM GEE IT WON. Thanks to everyone who supported it!


Bought this shirt and it arrived yesterday. All the black print disappears into the dark blue shirt. Not a good color choice.

I brought up the concern during the derby, and the obscurity was intended:

Which brand/size did you order? Can you post a pic too? Mine was a fitted men’s large.