Cats or Dogs?

Cats or Dogs?

Yes, please. I’ll take some of both.

Both actually but not till construction in our house is finished


Dogs and Siamese and Maine Coon cats

Oh yeah, and Adopt don’t Shop!
Only pet I;ve ever had that wasn’t adopted was a lovely dog (a Puli) but she didn’t work out in the long run.
Even my son’s hamster was caught running down the sidewalk by a coworker. And Beep was the best hamster ever!

Beep is an excellent name for a pet.

Dogs and cats. Definitely dogs and cats


My son was in first or second grade when he named Beep who could cross the top of his cage upside down
The hamster, not my son😁

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DOGS for the WIN.

As someone who wears a lot of catshirts … dogs.

2 cats
1 dog
1 partner
And the Cats want another “Box Of Catnip”!
MEOW !!!


I only wear one at a time.

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