Cats! Pullover Hoodie

My kid is asking for more penguins not kitties

Stop with the cats!!!

Design by woot staff!

Woot needs to include a cat toy with this shirt (or an actual cat.)

It made me laugh out loud, but red hoodies in Chicago…

OK, enough with the cats! They are gradually getting worse, now.

Penguins are good!

i still prefer bats

Moar catz!

And here I was, reading your post about leaving Shirt.Woot and feeling kinda sad, even though I didn’t know you.

Yes to penguins!!!

Someone needs to clean out the w00t catbox. I’m getting tired of all this cat crap.

My favorite was the Bud Ice penguins and their, “Doobie doobie do!”

Enough with the cats already!

More beer-themed tees please.

They brought cake back …

(There’s a history of quit cakes here on woot.)

My daughter loves Hoodies and Cats. it’s a perfect combo for her!!!

I want more dog shirts! Or hoodies! Dogs!

I did buy the last cat shirt, though, so obviously I’m a sucker for those, too.

I’m still waiting on my Favorite Things shirt. I don’t need another dog, but dog shirts are good.

Doggie shirt!

I’ll just settle for some good shirts. I want one more shirt, out of this Shirt-Off. 4 total, between my girlfriend and I, sounds like a good number.

Hah. Cute!