Cats With Weapons

Congrats, iLoop! Nice comeback! :smiley:

Awesome! This will go PURRFECT with my cat shirt collection

The purple cat to the left makes me think about the movie, The AristoCats (not in spirit, but he looks like an aristocratic cat).

AWESOME. Bought mine!

damn…the third shirt best be A MYSTERIOUS CONSPIRACY

wtf? why would anyone wear this?

Grats on the print, Infinity! We fought the battle for ya.

In for 2.

And FIRST sucker! :slight_smile:

This may be a stupid question, but what cultural thing are the cats referencing (game, book, etc)?

Bought mine… for my cat loving evil stepmother!

Happy Times! Had to get 2 of these. One for the girlfriend so she won’t steal mine. Love The Shirt!

clue / cluedo

The board game Clue.

Clearly the mystery here is why none of the kitties are pouncing on an otherwise very tasty and available mouse-treat.

Congrats. The design goes perfectly with the designer’s name. Was that done purposely, I wonder?

And, also, has anyone else noticed Woot’s shirts getting larger? I had to go down a size because they were so huge. That doesn’t mean I want them changed back, on the contrary, I like them much better like this. I was just curious.

Nice clue cats. Of course, most cats wouldn’t be guilty since they would have either a) slept through the whole thing, or b) brought the carcass to the nearest owner.

But cool concept and congrats!

Gonna buy one in the morning! =)


Love the writeup woot! :wink:

Yes, but that’s because I’ve lost weight. XD

The weapons I see (counterclockwise from the top) are:
…and Rope?

I’m confused on the last one. Is the weapon the rope or the claws that cat has out? I’d be more concerned about the latter myself…

I’ve solved the mystery. It was a heart attack. Any mouse would go into cardiac arrest, seeing all those predatory, mouth-licking, weapon-carrying cats circling him…