Cats With Weapons

But I haven’t. And I mean, you hold up one from now next to one from a few months ago, same size, and the new one is larger!

Thanks everyone for getting these darned cats to print! Oh btw:
Spoiler alert…

Mrs. White did it. :wink:

I would have bought this shirt if it was just Colonel Mustard. I love his expression. Is he a Persian? Whatever, that particular kitty is the most awesome part of this design. I’d love a kitty Colonel Mustard shirt. But, alas, 'tis not to be.

Humans have certainly had an extended influence on felines, if cats now need a weapon to kill a mouse.

PS: Sorry for posting so much… I’ll shut up now.

Congratulations Loopy. Great use of colour and halftoning. I’m particularly curious how the green will look - in Woot’s large detail image it looks more yellow, but on their shirt comp it looks blue. Hopefully it’ll turn out a happy green. :slight_smile:

Totally getting an Alice in Wonderland vibe here.

Obviously the cats are being framed by some dastardly mouse-murdering humans. :wink:

I’m pretty sure the first person in the original thread guessed Mrs. White because of her non-chalance, but it was immediately discounted because it was too obvious. Good show, I guess.

I don’t see any kittens with their teensy-tiny unbelievably sharp claws! Those are among the most dangerous weapons in the world.

Once, while fostering a mama cat and her ten offspring, I was viciously attacked - the question then was whether to just get out wads of Band-Aids™ or call 911.

After taping myself up silly, I decided that sitting in the ambulance would just increase my overall trauma, so I put them in their palatial cage while wearing welder’s gloves, went off, and moaned lightly on a couch.

Do cats always lick themselves when they’re guilty, then? :slight_smile:

Poor Mrs. White. If she gets caught, she’ll be arrested and put in the pound.

Congrats 'loop. I love the style and how much character you got out of the cats.

And that’s so plausible, too! How many times have I blamed things I’ve done on my dog? You must be right!

Yeah - like this person wrote. The Claws Are What Done The Evil Deed!

I know why Mrs. Peacock’s getting her dander up. She’s seen Miss Scarlet is wearing the same (though a different color) dress, and oh so much better…

Mine seem to - one will pounce on the other, run off, then casually wash their face.

Anyway, I love cats and I love Clue, so this shirt is a no-brainer buy for me. :slight_smile:

Thanks Travis. I hope we see An Unfolding Mystery here tomorrow!

Ha! Yay! Cat Clue!

Excellent training.

Wait, WHY did Mrs. White do it?

And where’s the butler?

Mrs. Peacock is ticked at Mr. Green because he told her that her hat looked stupid. Yes, aside from dressing like humans, my cats talk as well.