Cats With Weapons

Because they like the design. Or are Clue lovers. Or cat lovers. Or crazy cat ladies who play Clue with their cats.

I haven’t noticed, but I seem to notice that the necks run a bit tight… very obtrusive in the summer. :frowning:

Mrs. White did it to impress Prof. Plum. She likes his whiskers.

The butler is allergic to cats.

Or crazy cats who play clue with their humans. Or crafty cats who strew clue pieces around in certain ways to wierd out their humans…

Pppshhh… you just made that up.

Licking the blood off, of course.

But this is my favorite theory:


Oh, I totally get that. My dogs talk too.

This Mr. Green doesn’t sound like a very nice fellow… what’s he do for a living? Suit like that, I’m betting car salesman.

I like his whiskers too. We may have to fight over him…

But the butler ALWAYS does it!

Got me 1! Yes, I am a little old lady with multiple cats. But I have no cat paraphernalia. And this is an elegant design.

Thank you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Incredible. In for one for my lovely cat lady.

Sadly, it really was 1 plus 1 plus 1 plus 1 plus 1. :frowning:

Congrats! This is a great design, love all the expressions in the cats.

It’s a cool design, but as a guy, I can’t see wearing this.


As a cat guy who wore out a VHS tape of Clue and played the board and video game, I will wear this shirt proudly!

Col. Mustard looks like a good costume for Winston!

I like it!

Totally in for one!!!

You need to get a clue.

but why cream?