CatShirt Fool's Day!


Are you sure it’s not Catsmas? Also, awesome!

Disappointed you aren’t offering a big ol’ Bag O’ Cats.

I’m late!

(Also I need to update my .sig for the new blanks.)

What do you mean?

Orange cats are the best cats.

Need to figure out what shirts I can live without so I can fit one of these into my drawer…

This is a great day for Narfcake, who apparently has friends in the high places of Wootville! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Does Narfcake get the money for the printed design?

If so, well deserved…

I have 3, the ex left them behind also. Anyways, the black is curious and always getting into things, he is a bit of a pain in the butt. The Calico is neurotic always talking, I have to put her outside at times to get a little peace…meow this…meow that. The orange is a big dope (nearly 20 lbs) who loves to play - he is descended from Hemmingway’s 6 toed cats - a real goof ball. He can be a real handful when he decides to play lap cat.

We all laugh, but if tomorrow it was real, people would probably check that tab first everday.

Eventually B0C would come to mean box of cats.

The inexorable catification of the internet marches on. :stuck_out_tongue:

While I won’t complain if I get paid, this is not my design. This is the official catshirtswoot logo that was first used several April Fools ago.

I just kept using it, that’s all.

The redirect from remained.

Also, I only wear catshirts on days that end in ‘y’.

Schrödinger’s box of cats.

Also, I only wear catshirts on days that end in ‘y’.

Me too Narfcake me too :smile_cat:

“There will never be a beer.woot” ?

How dare you! You just took away the second to last reason I had for coming back here every day.