Catz Wit Attitudes

I like the design, but why only one kitteh?

Hate to troll, but this is the single worst Woot Shirt of all time. Ever. And I’ve been Wooting for over 9 years…

The cats, they go into every neighborhood, dimension and timeline.

The story of Narfcake

A tote for carrying all your Cat.Woot.Shirts.


Just because I could go for months wearing cat.shirts.woot, cat.shirts.teeturtle, cat.shirts.goodjoe, cat.shirts.threadless, cat.shirts.designbyhumans, cat.shirts.teefury, and cat.shirts.ihavenoideawhereitwassold doesn’t mean I’m completely cat crazy.

I’m actually passing on this one. Panda, coffee, owl, and dragon I bought. But no catshirt today.

Pretty cute cat. I’m glad it’s not “cathouse”

SKATETOWN!!! Look it up :slight_smile:

It’s actually not the worst selling any more! Neither is this one.

I actually LIKE this one, but need to think about whether this should be the next cat shirt :slight_smile:

Rest assured there will always be another cat shirt.

Phew! Because, I … uh, might run out?

NEVER! Not you, Narf! You must be the KING OF CAT SHIRTS :slight_smile: