Caught Them All For Science

When using the scientific name for organisms (binomial nomenclature), the genus is capitalized and species is lowercase (i.e., Genus species). The italicization is correct (underlining is also a choice, but italicizing is more common these days). And when pinning insects, the pin is right of center (usually in the thorax) and the insect is belly down (larvae and pupae are vialed in a preservative, such as alcohol). However, since these are Pokémon, these rules may not apply. Nice design, nonetheless.

I’m mildly disturbed now…

Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Poison Gnat and Toxic Moth of the same genius?

Great design!

Seriously impressive!

The world of Pokemon Go is more vast and mysterious than I ever imagined. Kudos to you, Kg07, for capturing a collection from this world and putting it on a shirt!

Congrats on the print, kg07!

Neat, but makes a better poster than a shirt. I wouldn’t want pins sticking into my chest, real or imaginary. =P

Thanks for the print woot and for the nice comments. Hopefully this adds to our understanding of these majestic creatures.