Caution Octopus’ May Be Larger Than It Appears

This is the shirt I wanted to win! Sweeeeet!

In for one (when it starts working again…)

EDIT: Didn’t even realize it was James Cho… christ he owns the derby like it’s nothing.

yay ive been waitng for this one!!!


Permanent link for future purchase:

Woot! Got one!

Congrats, James! The best part of this is the red of the diver, it’s a nice contrast with the spare patterning of the octopus. And, it implies peril.

nice, shirt hentai waiting to happen…

Pretty cool shirt… but that’s some mighty poor punctuation.

Octopus’ ? Really? Why would someone think that apostrophe is a good idea?

Best shirt ever! I will be wearing this one to my fish geek meetings.

Cool design, I wouldn’t wear it though.

Cool shirt, Wrong color,
Sorry I’m go to Pass on this one


>< laggy servers

i wanted to be the first sucker

this one is going to go quickly

YAY JAMES!!! I bought it… swoons

thanks dude and thanks for those who voted/buying - if you’d like, you can check out my entries this week:

Congrats, James.

I saw this and voted for it, now I purchased it! Interesting background color, but I think it should work.

grats on another fine design cho

I love the design. However, I don’t think the chosen red of the diver goes well with the pale yellow background. If the diver were any other color (blue, a light red (cadmium red light?), purple, black, pale green)… I’d be in for one.
Otherwise, great design.