Cavatappi Tuscan Style Red Wine (3)

Cavatappi San Pietro Tuscan Style Red Wine 3-Pack
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2012 Cavatappi San Pietro Tuscan Style Red Wine, Columbia Valley
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Looks like a couple of people from Washington bought this Washington wine. What do you know about this?

Love Walla Walla wines and love Tuscan wines.

Just need some info.

Anyone, Anyone, Bueller…??

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I had this the other night. I really enjoyed it. limited production, not widely distributed. well made, nice nuanced layers. easy drinking.

Whoa! I haven’t seen a Cavatappi wine since I moved away from Washington state eight years ago… and that’s a shame. If memory serves, theirs were some of the better wines I had while I lived there - think of this one as Leonetti light, basically. Washington’s terroir is phenomenally good for sangiovese, cabernet, and merlot, and this is made from some of the better vineyards in the state. I’d be in for 6 if I weren’t flying to Walla Walla this weekend to hemorrhage money at Cayuse. Enjoy!