Cavatappi Tuscan Style Red Wine (3)

Interesting blend, 38% Sangiovese, 31% Merlot, 31% Cabernet Sauvignon, the wife has gotten to really like Sangiovese,coupled with Merlot, I just might have to get this for her.

when this was originally offered, I thought it would be appreciably more popular.

I loved this wine. it’s unique and a great value IMO.

Apparently rpm is a fan

At this moment, the only fan.

And mil

Well after some serious Google fu and some interesting things about the owner/winemaker and his wines…i’m in! :slight_smile:

Last wooter to woot:tytiger58

I too think this is interesting. I really enjoy Washington Wines (in particular the Columbia Valley). They have great QPR when compared to Napa Valley.

I’m jumping in for 2!

SoCal split anyone…

work got in the way on this one.
Encore perhaps?

ended too soon? damn…