Cave Dog Cabernet Sauvignon - Three Pack

Cave Dog Cabernet Sauvignon - Three Pack
$29.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
Product: 3 Cave Dog Cabernet Sauvignon

Still Havens!
Monday offer available here

Are those screw off caps?

Looks like they are. I like them!

I’ve never had anything good come out of a screw off cap bottle, but the 2001 is rated above 90 points on cellar tracker, and I’ve been waiting for a cheap cab…

Screw off cap = easier to open second bottle of the night.

A friend in Australia has started a vineyard and was told in no uncertain terms that Australian bars and restaurants would not purchase their products unless they had screw top caps.

They keep winning awards for their wine, and the cap means it can start breathing quicker!

Happy New Year, friends!

This looks quite interesting. The presence of screw caps doesn’t concern me in the least, but I am concerned that this is something that the entity that bought the winery from Michael Havens whipped together haphazardly. The high cellar tracker score that jackmcdowell mentioned is for the Cave Dog reserve (a blend), not a single CS varietal. This is non-vintage as well, also interesting.

I am in for one because the price is right, it is Napa Valley juice, my S(SWMBO)-IWBM begins with the new year, and its not yet 2010 here yet!

Happy new Year to all!

This is a second label produced by the Havens Wine Cellars.

Happy New Year!

OK. For those of you wondering, sellout.woot has Bacon Salt Ultimate Bacon Lover’s Gift Pack. Everythings better with Bacon Salt.

If you ordered the Havens the last couple weeks, you may need the Bacon Salt to add flavor!

Andrew Murray had some exceptional Syrahs on here about a month or so ago. I believe it was a three pack and two of the bottles were screw caps. Those were darn good wines. A screw cap doesn’t necessarily scare me off, just like a cork doesn’t sell me.

Happy New Year All!!! Just finished an EHP and KR late harvest viognier.

after talking to a somolnair- or how ever the hell you spell it- a screw is really the best cap to have on a wine. a cork is pourious and air although a very small amount can get in a cork. the only reason the wine companies dont use screw caps is expense!!! just a little food for thought. enjoy

Never seen a non-sparkling non-vintage wine, besides the Carlo Rossi we used to power through in college.

Does this mean that the grapes are from various growing seasons? If this is similar to NV sparkling wines, they carry over juice from previous vintages in an attempt to keep the bottles consistent each year.

See, I thought that “Vintner’s Blend” bottles were NV. Regardless of whether or not that is the case, I’d avoid anything with that tag on it. Can someone clarify what VB means?

The CT link says this is 03-04 juice, so this is not exactly new. I’m quite curious about this offer, and want to know more. I need more Cabernet in my drinkable section.

This wine is 53% 2003 and 47% 2004.

It’s worth noting that vintage labeling, just like varietal labeling, only means a certain percentage and not 100%. The US requirement is around 85%, which rises to 95% when a wine is AVA designated.

The '01 Cave Dog merlot seems to have universal appeal. It looks like the first release under the Cave Dog label was their Merlot, then a Grenache, a Cabernet Franc, the Cab blend seen here and a Syrah.

An interesting write-up (with recipe) on the Cave Dog '04 Grenache release was found here. (PDF)

Again, not that it is terribly helpful, but the '05 Cave Dog Syrah was found on this wine bar menu for $8 or $9/glass.

Given the price & the pedigree (Napa, Haven’s) - I’m in for at least one.

Au contraire, screw tops are cheaper by about half than corks. It makes sense too: aluminiumin bulk manufacture v cutting down trees, cutting and transportation. Here’s one of the many sites telling of the cost differences:

Screw Tops like the Stelvin are still not used universally, but top winemakers all know they seal the bottles better (cork is porous), and reduce considerably the likelihood of TCA (2,4,6-trichloranisole) tainting (“corking”). Although not entirely: see Malcolm Gluck’s comments here!

Much evidence abounds that even though British and New Zealand drinkers will accept screw tops, even they don’t necessarily like them, and screwtop snobbery still abounds, many Australian and New Zealand vintners now use them. And some American ones too. This news article about Corbett Canyon adopting screwcaps deals with many of the issues nicely.

There are other options too, although the plastic corks common in cheap Australian wines are only for early-drinking as they don’t necessarily last a long time.

I bought an Australian pillar box red for $7.99 at costco in November while I was looking for wines under $15 with a 90+ rating
screw top and all, it was wonderful

I am still not sure about these havens wines. Nice price,but…

Don’t fear the cap