Cavedoni Balsamic & Condiment Pack (3)

Cavedoni Balsamic & Condiment 3-Pack
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Cavedoni Saba, 100ml
Cavedoni Aceto Al Tartufo, 100ml
Cavedoni Delizia, 100ml

$40 for 300 ml is $0.16 per ml.
Or $0.02 for 3 drops.

You can splurge a bit more than the ducale, here.

Go for it!

Or almost $4 an ounce. 100 ml = 3.4 ounces. 3 100ml bottles equals 10.2 ounces or little more than one and a quarter cup total.

Specs don’t agree with the description.

From description:
" Flavored by infusion with black truffles."

From specs:
ingredients: Cooked grape must, wine vinegar, truffle aroma

Truffle aroma seems to be an artificial truffle flavor. I have had no experience with this product or other truffle products, but reviews of artificial truffle products are usually bad.

This product is used by the most discerning restaurants in San Francisco.

Top Top shelf.

Absolutely true - It is very hard to find this type of quality vinegar on the retail market.

If you wonder why you cannot recreate some of those amazing flavors you taste at the great restaurants - the answer is ingredients, ingredients, ingredients!

Don’t pass these up!!

If you are fans of the Botte Piccola, you will love these guys from the same producer. The 100 ml size is perfect for your home pantry. The Delizia balsamic is aged 5 years and truly delicious.

The Saba is a unique product. Saba is a cousin of balsamic, but it created quickly from the new must - a way create something without waiting 5, 10, or 20 years! Made by boiling the must and reducing together with family recipes. Cavedoni uses Quince… giving this a great sweet taste. It is my wife’s secret ingredient in her chicken livers.

Cavedoni is an Azienda Agricola, meaning that everything they produce must me made from their own production. Therefore, they grow all their own grapes from which these are made - and even the quince for the Saba. This is truly artisan production.

In Cavedoni we trust. The balsamic that has been a Woot favorite for some time is outstanding, and I can only assume the same for this offering. What resistance I have to placing another Gourmet Woot order is guaranteed to crumble soon.

This is a high price for balsamic that has wine vinegar as an ingredient imo.

Regarding the truffle, I’ve never had good results with “aroma”. Usually, that just means that it can kind of smell like truffle (when in oil…probably harder to detect the scent in something like balsamic) but it doesn’t taste at all like truffle.

Again, just imo.

If I purchase this now, will it still be good for a September Birthday gift?

Would I be better to wait for a similar offering between now and then?