Cavedoni Botte Piccola Balsamic Vinegar

Cavedoni Botte Piccola Balsamic Vinegar

250ml is close to 8.5oz, if anyone is wondering. Good morning, Thunder Thighs. :smiley:


I was checking the sugar content and turns out the serving size should be 1 tbsp, not 1 cup… FYI

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Huh. That was taken from an actual bottle but it was quite a while back. I’ll see if we can get a new photo that’s hopefully been corrected.

Interesting typo in the serving size, as 15ml ≈ .063 cups.
Made me go look at some earlier purchases, also interesting, not all have a serving size.
But for those that do it’s 1 tbsp / 15ml

What does Woot have more of: Cavedoni Botte Piccola Balsamic Vinegar or Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. DVDs?


Yo- this post is about the vinegar, that’s right. Not the label info. The vinegar.
This is very good vinegar, that I have on hand always. I have been to the companies facility in Modena Italy. Great quality. Tip for balsamic- you can cook it down, very slowly, (no boil) until it reduces to half. Trick that some chefs use. Intensifies and thickens.
You are welcome

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So I could buy a crappier version and reduce it? What would I get - a bargain version of this or a crappy reduction?

Okay so just to keep it real. The bottle is not the official bottle for a Modena Balsamic. While this company might be in the province of Modena it is not in the city of Modena. It may very well be a nice Balsamic but it is $38 for a reason. Considering the “Real Thing” is $100 more, nothing wrong with giving this one a chance.
Prime save $5…nice.

Hi… I am Howard Case the owner of Casa de Case, the importer of Cavedoni balsamic vinegar. I thought I would jump in here on the controversy over the serving size. First off, I checked our current supply and this is indeed what it says on the current label. Clearly it is a error… If you ever get a chance to visit this very artisanal producer and meet the two owners - father and son - you will understand that it is easy for them to make this kind of mistake. Frankly, I never noticed it before. I was really never concerned with the serving size designation as you usually apply drops of it. I am much more focused on the quality of the balsamic vinegar in the bottle.
If you are crazy about it. The label says that there are 17 servings per bottle of 250 ml and the serving size is stipulated as 1 cup (15 ml). Well, 17 servings would be 15 ml ea. I will bring the error to the attention of the Cavedonis and ask them to correct it going forward.


Hi Beckerss… you are correct about the bottle, but you are referring only to the bottle designated for Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena. The product being offered is a genuine Aceto Baslamico di Modena I.G.P. and it is produced in the Cavedoni acetaia (vinegar producing facility) within the official territory for Modena production. About the price: Unquestionably, the offer price lends one to think that quality might not be what it is represented to be. This exact same bottle is on our website and on Amazon for $50. Strange circumstances made this extraordinary offer possible. It is truly a bargain!

This is good stuff that woot has been selling for years since the beginning. I have a bottle to drizzle on salads, and tomatoes, and making finishing sauces. It brings me joy to share it with people. I have basic Kirkland balsamic for any recipe that needs more than a tablespoon. The bottle I’m on has lasted at least a year. It comes in a nice box and would make a good gift for any foodie, just warn them that this is not what you use for bulk recipes.

There is more controversy on the legit-ness of this “balsamic” vinegar. This is a deal because of what you state, and dance around: This is pale in comparison to the real deal. This is not the real deal. It is, however, playing on people’s gullible willingness to believe a product is what the seller says it is.

I’ve been buying these from Woot for close to 10 yrs. Each bottle lasts me 2-3 years, and it’s absolutely wonderful. A tiny bit goes a long way, and I love to impress guests by putting just a tiny drop on a piece of salamai, slice of apple or cheese, tomato, strawberry, or even ice cream.

Yeah, I’m actually surprised to see these comments. There is usually nothing but praise for how good this product is. With the $5 Prime discount, I finally took the leap.

If you ever wondered if this balsamic is, in fact, not an industrial made one, enjoy this video of Marcello, son, and Paolo, father, bottling. Every bottle, one by one. At this date, they were very proud of their new filling machine, because it automatically measured the correct quantity.