Cavedoni Botte Piccola Italian Balsamic

Cavedoni Botte Piccola Italian Balsamic
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Cavedoni Botte Piccola Italian Balsamic, 250ml bottle


This is tasty stuff. Having said that, I miss the days when this site had consistently good deals. At least we still have Pedroncelli…

Its $58 on amazon - any better deals?

Back when woot was great I bought this, around 4-5 years ago. I still have it and it still tastes great.

If you haven’t tried it, it is a very heavy/syrup style balsamic. More sweet and tangy than vinegery

Bought this a few years ago…opened one bottle and it was great. When i opened the second bottle, i found that It tasted terrible (worse than the $3 bottles in the grocery store). I’m stuck with a full bottle of unconsumable vinegar. I contacted woot, but because my purchase was not recent, there was no recourse. I’d be happy to give my bottle away to anyone local. If you buy this, don’t let too much time pass before making sure that it is good. It is not worth the risk (to me). My first bottle was great, though, so i know what it SHOULD taste like. Which makes me even sadder…

I’m currently planning a trip to Italy to include Modena, perhaps staying there for a couple of weeks. Lots to see and do in and around the Modena, including tastings at various balsamic producers. This particular family has been making vinegar commercially only since 1860. They offer some superb aged (over 12 years) vinegar. This is not the very aged item. I do enjoy this particular product. Made entirely from the family grapes, it is towards the low end of their quality, as defined by aging. It is an excellent vinegar, well worth the cost and very enjoyable. If you have used the super market variety of balsamic this one will surprise you with its sweetness and full flavor. It is not very thick, but can be reduced carefully with heat to resemble an aged vinegar. To do that under low heat (not boiling) reduce by approximately half, cool, and save for occasions such as with perfectly ripe in season strawberries. Even without reducing this is well worth having in your pantry. Try it with sliced tomato, fresh mozzarella, some excellent olive oil, herbs and salt.

i try to buy this every time it becomes available. same price as the last time i was able to snag it in nov 2012. it is THE BOMB

i don’t normally say something is ‘the bomb.’ i’m filled with shame. but also with love for this balsamic!

Whew, got that comment out of the way early in the day. Have to have at least one a day.

Edit: Ooooh, we got two!

This is good stuff to drizzle on salads, cheese, it is sweet but not overpowering. It is a real treat. If you’ve never had real balsamic vinegar before, go for it! You won’t be disappointed but will enjoy this.

That price is from a private seller on Amazon NOT Amazon itself.That is also why shipping cost $10 rather than free with Amazon Prime.

Now that my alerted family members have had a chance to buy theirs…let me chime in to say that this is one of the few products I still buy from woot. I was pretty bummed it sold out before I could get some the last few offerings. I always try to have a box or two stashed away because (1) I never want to face the horror of running out and (2) it’s a really awesome special gift to anybody that likes to cook or enjoy gourmet food.

Try it drizzled over vanilla bean ice cream with some toasted almonds. Yummy!

Last wooter to woot:cynthylee

This is really good. And you don’t use much of it at a time, so it really lasts.

Things I put it on: a half avocado, strawberries, roasted brussel sprouts, roasted eggplant, hard-cooked eggs, leftover cold chicken. I am sure I can think of other things it will taste good on. But man, half an avocado with the hole filled with this stuff? AMAZEBALLS.

Not only is this stuff the absolute bomb, it makes a fantastic present for your fancy friends. Super frickin’ classy, y’know? Drizzle it on pretty much anything for cullinary bliss. If I could have bought 5 at this price I would have. Thanks Woot.

TT-Sorry but I agree with them.

These comments are not directed at you but when you have wooters that have bot over 100 woots each thru the years that are expressing these feelings maybe there is some validity to them.

Great item by the way.

Yeah me too. Why not just call it “rad” while we’re at, right? It’s just so damn GOOD

I buy the max every time this woot gets this stuff. We use it with everything! It says 20% off, but if you buy it anywhere else, it’s usually $60-70

Sorry TT but as a loooongtime wooter I too feel Woot isn’t quite the whipsnappin dealbreakin ooooh I wonder what they’ll sell today site it was a few years ago … but then again, I am not the same whipsnappin dealmakin oooh I wonder what I’ll do today person I was a few years ago, either. sigh

I’m going to sidestep the moaning/complaining this morning and just add my comment that this stuff is amazing. I’m not buying any today, as we just restocked the last time it was offered. But SWMBO and I are huge fans of this stuff, especially with strawberries and vanilla ice cream (thanks to woot posters in the past for the suggestion on that pairing; we never would’ve tried it).