Cavedoni Botte Piccola Italian Balsamic

Cavedoni Botte Piccola Italian Balsamic
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Cavedoni Botte Piccola Italian Balsamic, 250ml bottle

This is the second-string product of a good Balsamic maker. The best Balsamics are “traditional” which is a much more complicated production method. Cavedoni makes a traditional — Oro Nero Ducal — but this isn’t it. This is still undoubtedly way better than most Balsamics you can find in the US.


WARNING: After you try this you will not be able to use the thin grocery store swill ever again.

This is definitely great stuff but not (by far) the best stuff. Any equivalently good stuff from another brand costs at least twice as much for only a 100 ml bottle instead of 250 ml. So: it is a raging great deal for what it is.

Only sorta kidding to ask: Anyone know what the drinking window is on this stuff? I consistently find that the last bottle from an order tastes better. Anyone tried a bottle that they forgot about for a few years?

Also: all bottles have a solid mass on the bottom by the time they are mostly used up, no matter if I swirl them daily. Is it just me? What is it? Can I use it for anything?

This is the gateway Balsamic to the wallet crushing real thing. It’s darn good, but once you taste the next rung up you’ll pine for it in much the same way one asks themselves “Why can’t I have a bottle of Corison Kronos every week?”

It’s good stuff and it WILL sell out.

I am a self titled connoisseur of aged balsamic. Having owned a 100 year old bottle at $500, I have tasted some of the finest balsamic made. It is heavenly. Like dessert, it’s something that can be gently sipped as an after dinner aperitif or used sparingly in a delicious risotto or other dishes. It’s wonderful on fresh strawberries or ice cream.

Forget the balsamic you know. This isn’t for salads. This is the caviar of vinegars. It’s almost an injustice to call it vinegar as it couldn’t be more sweet and sultry than caramel itself.

For beginners, this is a great way to start your gateway into the addiction. A terrific gift for the chef in your family but an even better gift for yourself.

Warning, you’ll laugh in the face of mere mortals when you see them splashing their balsamic swill on their salads in the future. Be prepared. Bring your own vinegar.

Does “completely natural” mean that there are no added sulfites?

Now all we need is this years olio Nuevo and we will be fixed!

Just finishing the last bottle from the order 2 years ago. I had created a little extra stock of it back then. So glad I did not miss it this year.

A few years back I was able to get a 100ml bottle of the true aged balsamic from this same vendor. He gave a few of us a wholesale price of $80. Truly wonderful. Still, I will try and always have a bottle of this balsamic available in the kitchen.

Get on his e-mail list. Not woot prices, but available every year.

However their traditional Oro Nero Ducale is priced in line with other traditional balsamics, it is $145.00 for 100ml (3.38oz).

THIS! The balsamic is great, and it will sell out so I wouldn’t sit on the fence too long, but I was expecting today to be olio nuovo day!

Just in time. Stock from a few years ago (pre-acquisition) is down to my last bottle. In for more.

Everything positive said about this stuff is true. There isn’t a better value consistently for balsamic anywhere else.

After reading these comments I bought one. I love balsamic, but never made the jump to the ‘good stuff’, hope y’all haven’t let me astray.

In for the max.!/format/jpg/quality/85/

These make great gifts; I need to stock up because I gave some as wedding gifts to two foodie couples who already have everything they need. I’m currently hoarding four bottles but will buy two more; not sure I can bring myself to give them away though.

In for 2 (the max) after reading these reviews. It’s been a long while since I’ve seen such positive reviews on woot!

I fear I may have started something with the purchase of this. I also fear I will regret only purchasing one.

Was always happy with the $10 a bottle balsamic from the local grocery. Until a few years ago when I decided to try this stuff. Damn you Woot for my newest addiction! Can’t go without a good balsamic in the cupboard! Even hooked my girlfriend and a couple of friends on the stuff…

Our fave thing to do is get a nice loaf of filone or baguette if I can’t find the filone, a nice hunk of the proper (and expensive) Parmigiano-Reggiano and a good extra virgin olive oil. Slice the bread, brush a little oil on it, place a slice of cheese on the bread and broil it until the cheese is just starting to get soft and melty and the bread slightly toasted. Then drizzle a touch of the balsamic on it. Eat. Be warned, it’s addicting!