Cavedoni Botte Piccola Italian Balsamic

Sounds good!! (Though I had to Google filone.)

Great in the fall as a Caprese salad with fresh tomatoes and basil.

This is even great on ice cream. Was surprised when everyone recommended this in the past and had to try it. Beats chocolate syrup.

I so agree with you. It has been quite some time to see so many positive reviews. Like the old days sgain…

would this arrive by christmas?

What they said. Although I already ordered…

YES !!

keep an eye out for the Ducale

keep an eye out for the Olio.

Really? Nice.

Getting low in supply. Just had some last night on a beet, green bean, broccoli, pecan salad (with sherry and a little olive oil too) Great for gifts if you can bear to give them away.

I got in on that deal too (Oro Nero Ducale @ $80) but haven’t opened it yet. How did you use yours? I’m waiting for a worthy occasion to break open the Oro Nero AND my WineSmith Crucible!

In the meantime, I’m considering the 25-year old Tradizionale on sale today @ ($79.99 incl. shipping). There’s also a 12-yr. Tradizionale @ $55 but that appears to be the regular price.

Instant buy, immediately in for two. No, not for gifting, for putting in my pantry for when my current bottle is finished and I need to open another one.

Seriously, for wooters on a budget like me who are serious foodies and adore the real-deal balsamico, this is absolutely a screaming deal. If you don’t get your two, I might have a wooter friend buy them for me since I’ve maxed out this time at the 2 :slight_smile:

Oh no, this is going to be an expensive week: there are three Woot Cellars selections on WW+!

Best stuff EVER!!!

You are evil

truly, pure evil.

As everyone says, this is very good stuff. If you like good balsamic but can’t handle the price of the truly high-end bottles, this is the one to get.

And - Tomatillo - PM for you if you’re around.

I’ve ordered this for years. My kids love it- their favorite is a sliced avocado drizzled with a quality extra virgin olive oil, this balsalmic, and a little sea salt. Very tasty!

Question- do you tend to put the stopper back in for storage, or leave the cork/spigot in the whole time? I’m always paranoid that it will evaporate if I don’t put the stopper back in, but then I have to store the cork spigot or clean it, or whatever. Just curious what other people do. Our bottles tend to last for a while, as we use this very sparingly.

Silly question. Does this need to be stored in any special way?

As with everyone else here, in for two… as I’ve been out for a couple months! woot

I can’t believe this hasn’t sold out yet, especially with Xmas on the way…

Definitely re-cork. I’ve heard of folks who’ve ended up with their balsamic invaded by fruit flies if it’s just spigoted.

Once on a Caprese salad and once on ice cream. I recall a little with some bleu cheese on a steak. It has been used very sparingly. So glad to hear that you haven’t opened, I thought we were being a little too thrifty with it.